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Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb
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Mar 11, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: fantasy
Read from August 05 to 15, 2011

** spoiler alert ** First let me say, I read this book through quite quickly. I definitely held my interest until the end and I will certainly be reading the other two in this series. That being said, I can not decide if I really enjoyed this one or if it was just for want of something to read.

The main character is not particularly likable. The whole bastard thing always seems to weigh more heavily than it should on fantasy characters. I understand you can't be king but there are still ways to get ahead. The horse master is not a likable character either, with the loyal personality the leaves little else.

The story seemed a bit aimless until he started getting his training at the kings behest. Then it seemed to be a growing up tale, with an assassin in training twist. Still it was a fine tale, bastard assassin is ok with me.

I had high hopes for Fitz as he successfully completed his first assassin mission without murder. The discovery of the forged, or zombiefied was interesting but seemed to take a backseat to the trials and tribulations of the main character. Perhaps more to come.

Learning the skill! Seemed like it was gonna be cool, ended up being the doom of Fitz and it seemed a little weak to be taken down by an overrated master who was clearly not his equal. From there he turns into a whinny little bitch, and all his previous training means nothing. Luckily he gets cured through no fault of his own, and he is back on the fast track. But wait . . .

Its time for another mission, this one more intense. Things are fine then the double cross, he smoothly gets out of that one. Then the triple cross, and he is able to maneuver through that one. Then the quadruple cross, and no one has any idea whats going on anymore. Incompetence on everyone else's part has doomed our hero(?).

The end of the book was a mess that I sped through it. Royal was a prick, and how he was able to be that far ahead of everyone seemed totally out of character. I didn't believe, and that made Royal's victories that much more annoying. Fitzes final triumph didn't even feel like a win in the end which left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

One thing I found interesting was the naming of royalty. Names were given which have meaning for the future of the child, but I wondered if anyone would name a child harshly? Destroyer? Would be a bit cold blooded. When Royal turned out to be the worst person in the book it was fairly telling of that name.

After writing this review I have discovered that I enjoyed the majority of the book but was not happy with the ending. The whole final mission left me with a bad taste in my mouth and didn't line up with the rest of the story in my opinion. I would give it 3 1/2 stars.

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