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Dead to the World by Charlaine Harris
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Mar 11, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2010

Ask any Sookie Stackhouse fan which book is the best in the series, and you'll be hard pressed to find one that doesn't pick Dead to the World. This is the very best that the series has to offer. And the crowning jewel of this masterpiece: a Viking Vampire with amnesia.

Thanks to the events in Club Dead , Sookie's relationship with that asshat Bill is over. And as this book begins, Bill is heading off to Peru to work on his vampire-directory project. Shortly after he leaves, Sookie finds Eric, running barefoot on an old country road with no memory of who he is or how he got there. She brings him back to her house and learns through his second-in-command Pam, that he has been cursed by a powerful witch. Her coven is now searching for him and Sookie has to hide him in her home until the vamps can smoke out the coven. At the same time, Sookie's brother Jason goes missing. And Sookie must divide her time and attention between searching for him and taking care of her houseguest.

Amnesiac Eric is exactly what Sookie needs in her life. He has all the sexy of his regular self, but he is also honest, unassuming, and hopelessly crazy about Sookie. It takes very little time for her to succumb to his charms. And holy cow, their love scenes are a sight to behold! (There is a reason that romp in the shower is a series landmark unto itself.)

The nefarious witch and her reign of terror ends up drawing in the Weres, which means we are treated to some more of the luscious goodness of one Alcide Herveaux.
We learn more about his pack... and unfortunately, we're subjected to more Debbie as well. Let me be clear when I say, I love Eric. But Harris paints Alcide as such a great alternative in these early books --if only he could just get over that horrible, horrible woman.

In addition to the introduction of Alcide's pack members, we learn more about Crystal and the shifters in Hot Shot. (They'll feature prominently in the next book.) And we meet Claudine, a Fairy who will become a big part of Sookie's life.

It's hard to talk about this book without gushing. It's got the best of everything: great characters, good story, plenty of action, emotion, and hot sex. Plus Eric and Alcide. What more could a woman want? 5 stars.

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Quotes Katie Liked

Charlaine Harris
“We could go back," he said. In the dome light of the car, his face looked hard as stone. "We could go back to your house. I can stay with you always. We can know each other's bodies in every way, night after night. I could love you." His nostrils flared, and he looked suddenly proud. "I could work. You would not be poor. I would help you."

"Sounds like a marriage," I said, trying to lighten the atmosphere. But my voice was too shaky.

"Yes," he said.”
Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World

Charlaine Harris
“(Sookie's Thoughts on Debbie Pelt) she had been cruel to Alcide, insulted me grievously, burned a hole in my favorite wrap and—oh—tried to kill me by proxy. Also, she had stupid hair.”
Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World

Charlaine Harris
“Well, that's certainly... adequate," I told him, burying my face in his chest. I knew immediately I'd picked the wrong word.
"Adequate?" He took my hand, placed it on the part in question. It immediately began to stir. He moved my hand on it, and I obligingly circled it with my fingers. "This is adequate?"
"Maybe I should have said it's a gracious plenty?"
"A gracious plenty. I like that," he said.”
Charlaine Harris, Dead to the World

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message 1: by Renee (new) - added it

Renee This is my favorite in the series! I love Sookie and Eric in this one. Looks like you're really having a glom, here. Enjoy! :-)

Katie Michaels This one is my favorite too!

Bianca lol this is my favorite of the series as well!!

Pamela / SpazP Dead to the World, or AKA THE HOT ERIC BOOK lol ;)

Desperado I know I'm in the minority, but this was probably least favorite book in The Southern Vampire Mysteries. I didn't like pussy-whipped amnesiac Eric at all. The reason he pushes my buttons is because he's such a darkly humorous, snarky badass & that was missing in this book. =(

Krystean I have to agree with you, Jen. By far my favourite and the one that hooked me into devouring all the rest.

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