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Rapture Untamed by Pamela Palmer
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Mar 11, 2011

really liked it

This is the fourth in the Feral Warriors series and by now I have a very firm grasp of the world Palmer has created, and also an idea of what future books might be like based on what I've seen of the other warriors in the series, who no doubt have their own books coming up. So, coming into Jag's book I was expecting to find a couple of things: Firstly, for Jag to start out the book being his usual annoying, arrogant, insulting, lewd, crude and rude self, but to be ultimately be found to be a nice guy, perhaps with a bad history, that was just misunderstood. We've seen glimpses of his secret nice guy persona in several of the previous books, particularly when he's dealing with the females or with Pink, the cook/flamingo. I just really had my hopes set on the fact that once you got rid of all the bravado, he would actually be nice and respectful to his female, Olivia, and turn out to be one my favourites in the series once he was reformed. Everyone loves a reformed bad guy, right?

And, to a degree, he was reformed. Just. However, for the majority of the book I was bitterly disappointed and frustrated with him.

In fact, during the first sexual encounter between the pair, I found his behaviour so abhorrent that I had a moment of asking myself if there was actually anything in him to redeem, or if I'd been overly optimistic where his character was concerned.

For this reason the book was disappointing on the romance front. Because he behaved like such a prized jerk and treated her so terribly and, more importantly to me, disrespectfully, and he didn't really do enough to counteract his behaviour by the end of the book in my view. I almost wanted her to tell him to go fish. It would have been no more than he deserved. Even finding out the reason for his behaviour and why he hates himself so much did little to endear him to me.

However, on the positive side, the rest of the plot was solid as usual and I really enjoyed the overall story. There was a major event towards the end of the book which has me desperate to get to the next one which is Kougar's story. I'm slightly worried about his story as well, though, because we know from this book that he has a mate from 1000 years ago that he thought was dead until recently. He believes she faked her death and is naturally furious with her, so I guess that means the next book is going to be filled with lots of bad feelings and hate sex as well...I just hope the one after that, Hawke's book, will bring some much needed levity and real romance back to the series, the likes of which we haven't really seen since book one. A couple who get together because they actually want to, because they like each other. Imagine that, huh?

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