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Cerulean Sins by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Mar 11, 2011

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I'm coming back to the Anita Blake series after a long break. I got annoyed (that would be putting it mildly) with a certain aspect of the storyline at around book 10, Narcissus in Chains, and had to stop for a bit.

Basically, I can deal with my leading lady ending up in a love triangle. Just. But with this series, it started getting ridiculous. Anita went from not wanting to have sex before marriage with her one and only boyfriend, to sleeping with anything that moved, and I just didn't like it. Sorry. It upset my delicate sensibilities:)

However, after a six month break and a bit of a calm down, I got to talking to somebody about the series and thought, you know what? The actual stories, (i.e. the bit that happens when she's not boinking) are usually really good to read, and I shouldn't let one part of the story prevent me from carrying on with it when I had already got through 10 books and was committed the series. So, I am now carrying on from where I left off. This time, I am listening to them on Audiobook.

In this story, Musette—the right-hand woman of Belle Mort, the leader of Jean Claude and Asher's line—is sent to St. Louis and Anita is forced to make Asher her lover in order to protect him from her. She loves him anyway, mainly through inheriting Jean Claude's memories of him, so she's not too bothered, but probably wouldn't have done it without this complication. What happened to prudish Anita, eh?

She also adds one more person to her list of people she sleeps with, when an attack of the ardeur occurs when neither Micah or Nathaniel are available to... out.

Micah is still a girly wuss who lets Anita do whatever she wants with whomever she wants. I really don't see what purpose his character serves at all.

Nathaniel is starting to develop a bit of a backbone and is getting upset by the fact that he's about the only person left who Anita isn't having actual intercourse with. Poor thing.

There was a lot of time concentrated on and around the sexual relationships in this book, and a very brief—almost a sub-plot or background story—of a shapeshifter serial killer. So in case you are wondering why I am only concentrating on the rudey-doody bits when I just said that's what annoys me, well, it's because it took up nearly 75% of the storyline of the book, that's why. I mean, is it telling that even the synopsis is only two sentences long?

I did mostly enjoy it, though, having said all that. I think you just have to get your head around the fact that this ardeur thing makes it impossible for Anita to be a one-man-woman now, and once I accepted that and stopped getting mad about it, I actually started to appreciate all the different men in her life and their unique qualities. Or maybe I'm just trying to talk myself around.

I'm going to try the next one and hope that I can see this series to its end.
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