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Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Mar 10, 2011

it was amazing

In the universe where the League is law, most live in fear. Some fight back. Welcome to a world where corrupt assassination politics dominate everyone. It's kill or be killed and for Caillen Dagan, a defiant soldier of fortune, survival isn't a right, it's a brutal daily battle. Moving through the Ichidian universe like a wraith, his brushes with the law and death are legendary. When an act of rare heroism reveals and seconds from execution his hidden birthright is revealed. The new world he is forced into is even more dangerous and cold-hearted than the bloody streets where he was raised.

Ferocious and determined, Desideria Denaraii serves as an official bodyguard for her mother, the queen. Desideria will do anything to prove herself worthy of the weapons she carries and the position she's won by combat to gain acceptance and approval from her mother. When she overhears a ruthless plot to assassinate the queen and overthrow her country's government, Desideria is caught in the crosshairs.

With assassination contracts out on both of them, Caillen and Desideria must learn to fight together or die alone. And if they fail, their governments will fall into the hands of an unimaginable evil.

*** Wow and wow! Talk about a universal James Bond! Caillen Dagan had more neat gadgets and weapons than one can shake a stick at as well as being an absolutely insane pilot who could outmaneuver anyone when flying his ship. His other main accomplishment was being able to seduce any woman on two legs! That is not to say he was doing any seducing in BORN OF SHADOWS - (not that he wouldn’t like to) - nope he and Desideria were too busy trying to stay alive.

As BORN OF SHADOWS was my very first League book and I was introduced to a whole new universe and characters who evidently had starring roles in previous books of this series, which I am now going to have to back track and add to my to-be-read piles!!!! With regard to Caillen I believe Kenyon did a superb job of creating an ultra hero who lives by his wits, outstanding physical abilities and luck (although Caillen would have to tell you it was all bad luck!)

Desideria is one mighty little package as well and what she lacked in size she made up for in determination and admirable fighting skills! In Desideria’s world, feelings were a hindrance - it was kill or be killed and take what you wanted. Her mother, the queen was a cold selfish bitch, whose approval was near to non-existent. Yet when Desideria overheard an assassination plot to kill the queen, she reacted with feeling/duty having just won a place on her mother’s royal guard. The fact that she was despised for her impure bloodlines was immaterial. Desideria’s father was not Qillaq but had had the misfortune of crashing his shuttle into Qilliq territory and became her mother’s slave.

All through the telling the reader realizes there is/are many assassination attempts on both the protagonists royal parents and a lot of red herrings are thrown out there to make the reader think they knew who they were. Kenyon kept these secrets right up to the wonderful end leaving this reader with the feeling, of having to back pedal and to pick up the previous series books, so that I’ll be more than ready for the next book of this series featuring - maybe - Desideria’s brother????

Bottom line: This book stands alone and is highly recommended!

Marilyn Rondeau, for
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