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Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward
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it was amazing
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Going into this I wasn't sure if I was ready for Tohr's story. I wasn't sure if he was ready. Throughout the previous books, JRW has shown us both his love and loss of Wellesandra. We all saw how devastated he wa sand still is. Destroyed! How could we possibly be able to see him get past that? I wondered how JRW was going to transform a shell of a man into a Lover Reborn. Well, that's what was accomplished in this book. There is so much pain throughout this story. But we are gently led through each phase of Tohr's torment in order to see that there is light at the end of his tunnel and it's not the Fade. Brilliant job!

Tohrment and No'One/Autumn: At first I didn't get how Autumn was going to be the woman to turn Tohr around. When we met her through Payne, she was but a shadow, of no consequence. The same can be said for when she was introduced in this story with her hiding behind her hood. That is until the scene with Tohr and Xhex when their past connection was revealed. A true 'ah ha' moment for me. I could only see this plot gaining momentum and I held on for the ride. What I loved about this couple is that in now way was Autumn there to replace Wellsie. Even when she wanted something real with Tohr, something to call her own, it was with knowledge, understanding and compassion of his very real feelings for his lost love. She was extremely understanding in all of this and because his pain was an undercurrent for everything, it helped make this story not only believable, but beautiful. So Tohr finds a new love with Autumn and finally lets Wellsie go (releasing her from the in between she and their young were stuck in) but we know Wellsie will never be forgotten, which is how it should be. The part where Lassiter watched Wellsie go to the Fade was incredibly touching. Speaking of Lassiter, he was great too. We get that he also has a lost love (not sure if she's missing or dead) and I'm hoping to learn more about him. Perhaps through a book of his own?? *wink*

John and Xhex: Can I say that I still LOVE these two?! I had a feeling that their relationship would get tested in this book and it sucks that I was right. What about that misogyny? Unfortunately this series has it in spades and this book wa son different and Xhex finally had enough of it. And when she needed John to back her up when she wanted to keep fighting with the Brothers, *gasp* he didn't. I wanted to hit this boy upside the head! He went from being ok with her fighting (and get real, there's no way a bonded male would be cool with that and this fight with Xhex was bound to happen) to basically making sure she doesn't get a chance to fight at all. I get it. No one wants to see their mate put their life at risk. John has been forced to helplessly watch Tohr self-destruct and though Wellsie wasn't a fighter, she died as a casualty of the war. He obviously wants to avoid Tohr's fate. Thankfully by the end of this book, John figures out a compromise that works for both of them and they can be back on solid ground. LOL when he finally understood that she's been fighting longer than he's been alive.

Blay/Saxton/Qhuinn/Layla: what a clusterfuck! Blay's still with Saxton. Saxton loves Blay but knows that Blay loves Qhuinn. Qhuinn and Layla are suddenly BFFs or family or some other nonsense. Layla loved Qhuinn but he told her he loves Blay so she 'gets over him.' Okay. Now she's falling for Xcor (public enemy numero uno). This Chosen chick is a hot mess. She plays right into the misogynistic lifestyle propagated by their society (something Xhex, who is her friend, is fighting against) and she's damn proud of it. Even goes as far as saying that serving is the only thing that gives her life value. Without that she is nothing. I don't like her. This character further irritated me when she manipulated Qhuinn to service her during her needing. How DARE she?! Poor guy didn't stand a chance. We all know that no man thinks during this needing period. It's just rut... rut... rut some more. And now a precious child is created (just like Qhuinn's vision) without the benefit of being created out of love. The only plus side I can see to this is that Blay would step up and give the baby two daddies who adore her. Qhuinn's line "Our future has come" makes my heart hurt for Saxton. Yes, I like Saxton. He's a great guy who didn't do anything wrong but love a man who doesn't love him. Uh huh, he knew what he was getting in to but it would be easier to accept his inevitable pain if he was a douche. But he's not!! I want him to get a HEA too *hint hint nudge nudge*

Band of Bastards (BoB): we only get to really see Xcor, Throe, and Zypher but I think that was enough so far. Although they are made to appear immoral, unconscionable and deadly, we also get to see them as more than that. We get true affection among these men and the ties that bind them. I have a feeling that there's definitely a soft and more meaningful side to each of them and I hope we get to read some of that. I know I should be counting down the minutes until their deaths (not nice going after my bae Wrath), but it would be nice for these characters to find redemption and join the Brotherhood's fight.

Assail: Am I the only one who thought this character sounded crazy hot??? I want more of him. The banter between him and Xhex was ridiculous! Loved it. He was just an amazing glimpse of a character and I'm hungry for more of him. I thought it was hilarious that Xcor painted him as a dandy until he saw Assail in action. He proves he's definitely more than meets the eye when he uses mind manipulation to make those dealers shoot themselves. I wonder if he's part sympath???

Overall, a great addition to the series. I'm off to read about Qhuay in book 11. Cheers!
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