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The Mammoth Hunters by Jean M. Auel
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Mar 10, 2011

did not like it
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Yeah, this book gets a lower score than TWILIGHT. And yes, I know I haven't reviewed the other books in the series yet, but this one really stuck out. The fact of the matter is, the first two books were awesome. Which is precisely why this one got as low of a score as it did, my expectations were much higher.

Up until this point, this series was a wonderful story of a woman who was learning to think for herself. Sure, things got a little dicey at the end of the second book when Jondalar showed up, and Ayla began to obsess about every little thought that might be going through his head. But I figured after that little mishap, they would start to learn from their mistakes. But in this book, both of the characters spend the whole time exhibiting the emotional maturity of twelve year olds. It was frustrating watching them time and time again fail to resolve their differences because of a minor misunderstanding, knowing full well that they have come from different places with different traditions and customs.

I spent the entire book wanting to slap the crap out of both of them, while screaming "just talk to each other already!!" Most of the time, I really felt like both characters were purposefully taking what the other one was doing the wrong way. After a while, they both seem really petty, manipulative, and self pitying. Seeing Ayla act like this, after watching her being so strong and independent for two books was a really hard pill to swallow.

If the rest of the series is the same, (I'm not slogging through another 800 pages of this, I don't have the time or inclination) then I see why it's called "Earth's CHILDREN"
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Leo-Kathy Sigrist Totally agree. I was hopeful when Ayla and Jondala spend the whole night talking in the tent on the way to get her things from Ayla's cave that maybe, just maybe they might have brushed on some issues causing problems and tell each other how they feel. I mean, really, all night talking and nothing resolved! Ranec was a weasel for muscling in on an obvious relationship. This had such potential to be a good story in which they could have resolved their issues much earlier and we could have enjoyed their story and the Mamutoi people.

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