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Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr
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This was a good book. It wasn't great, though it had potential to be and hopefully so do the sequels; it was fresh, vibrant and unexpectedly lively. The pacing is fluid and unhurried and filled with enough tension to make the pages fly. The climax is not the most exciting or gripping, honestly, but it is interesting and with enough surprises to keep your attention.
The main character was well-written, and I truly liked that she didn't immediately become dependent on either boy to define her character or her desires. Yes, she leaned on one for help and support but she did so without losing her identity for his. She's feisty without being a parody of feminism, she's clever and enjoyable to read. However, there was a particular part of the novel, near the end, when Aislinn's nonreaction to a rather important plot point left me disjointed. Literally, it made no sense for her not to have any sort of LARGE reaction to the revelation. It completely pulled me out of the narrative right at a pivotal moment and I never sank back in as completely.
Aside from Aislinn, Donia was another favorite of mine. Beira largely seemed a cat without claws for ninety percent of the events of the book. She was intimidating, vocally sadistic and cruel, and bitchy, yes, but we never actually see her do anything (to the Summer Court.. she takes out her own with no compunction) but hiss and threaten. Most of the characters are detailed and real (Keenan, Seth, Donia, Beira) but a few were token characters that didn't add anything essential but emotional baggage for Aislinn (Grams, friends/teachers at high school) to worry over/possibly leave behind.
The virtues more than make up for the flaws in the book. All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable, quick read.

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