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Ulysses by James Joyce
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Mar 08, 2011

it was amazing
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04/03/2011 page 35
4.0% "The still tantalizingly-exposed consciousness of Stephen, juxtaposed with the tip-of-tongue, slithery volubility of Buck Mulligan - that's the beginning og Ulysses."
04/04/2011 page 42
5.0% "The third episode, where Stephen walks on the strand is difficult."
05/07/2011 page 93
12.0% "Leopold Bloom's consciousness is more tractable."
05/08/2011 page 105
13.0% "Mr. Bloom at a funeral, after sharing a ride with three gentlemen: excellent episode: captures mundane and morbid thoughts around death."
04/23/2012 page 26
3.0% "I can't believe it yet, but I've started it all over again, after doing 105 pages earlier."
04/24/2012 page 53
5.0% "The second reading is so much more rewarding, and revealing. Hope I can continue this exuberance after P.105"
04/24/2012 page 55
6.0% "There is talk of Pyrrhic victories, of history being a nightmare from which Ireland is trying to awaken - and I think First World War, and the disgust with violence SD evinced in the first episode with Mulligan."
04/24/2012 page 55
6.0% "The consubstantiality of father and son. Of all fathers and all sons. The consubtantiality of time, then. Of past and present. We are the bacteria of time, of time masquerading as space."
04/30/2012 page 74
8.0% "I didn't catch the word frig in the strand chapter this time!?" 1 comment
04/30/2012 page 78
8.0% "Metempsychosis and the littleburnt porkkidneys."
05/01/2012 page 128
13.0% "Dignam's funeral. Ignored Bloom. Simon Dedalus full of his son but Bloom full of his too. Inside. 11 he would be. But I have Milly. Milly full of Molly. Same grain."
05/02/2012 page 140
14.0% ""Every Friday buries a Thursday if you come to look at it."
Graveyard scene. Eerie Hamletian thoughts. More space if they buried them standing but then the hollow skulls would stick out, brains made corpsegas and corpsemanure."
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message 1: by haripriya (new) - added it

haripriya kumar How far does the lack of historical(all things Irish) and literary(Odyssey/Greek mythology) context knowledge set you back? I was so dazzled by Portrait of an Artist as a Young man, but found myself having to look up stuff every fifty pages or so to absorb it all.

message 2: by haripriya (new) - added it

haripriya kumar Well, I see you have just started reading this book...first impressions?

Tanuj Solanki I went to some 100 odd pages earlier and abandoned. This time I own the book, so the leisure is readily available. Reading 'Life A User's Manual' has increased my patience with tough books.

I feel more constrained by the topical Irish stuff than the Odyssey stuff. The good thing is that I don't miss the shift from action to consciousness. You always ignore the topical. It is the same that one needs to accept with Ulysses. I ignore some Columbian geography when I read Marquez. Likewise.

message 4: by haripriya (new) - added it

haripriya kumar Hmmm...I don't have a problem identifying that shift on any given page either. But it makes me feel like I am politely nodding my head along now, only to experience some form of suffocation much later, unable to breathe the same air that the characters do. I think it has got to do with one's personal objective as a reader .
I would not always want to ignore the topical. I should probably evaluate mine on a per book basis, rather than going for a total immersive experience with one and all, and that too on the first reading itself! If I can do that, I will be less reluctant to pick up many many books, I can imagine. Thanks :)

Tanuj Solanki Then, I believe, the choice available is to read it on a computer and google the things every other paragraph. Or read 'The Odyssey' first.

message 6: by haripriya (new) - added it

haripriya kumar Perhaps not every book is self-contained cover to cover... and it could be so many things - a callous-sketchy style, assumed readership or even the author leading his readers on to other things (s)he deems awesome/feels the urge to voice.

With this book, I think I will read The Odyssey first. Almost made up my mind since I am now aware of a great translation by Scott Fitzgerald.

Riku Sayuj you completed it? wow

Tanuj Solanki No :(

I've just marked it abandoned (for the time being)

Megha Tanuj wrote: "No :(

I've just marked it abandoned (for the time being)"

How far in did you get?

Tanuj Solanki Megha wrote: "Tanuj wrote: "No :(

I've just marked it abandoned (for the time being)"

How far in did you get?"

110 pages I guess.

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