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The Secret to Letting Go by Katherine Fleet
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Note: I received an advanced readers copy of this book from the publisher, Entangled Teen, in exchange for an honest review

Everyone one has their secrets; Clover Scott happens to have many. When she walks into a sporting goods store in Florida, she catches the eye of Daniel Hudson. Immediately he is drawn to her but his past confines him from wanting to get to know her more. But after saving her twice, all he wants to do is help her.

The Secret of Letting Go is a touching tale of two teenagers who have been hurt in the past but end up being put in each others problems. Clover has a secretive past and won't tell anyone anything personal. She's afraid of any governmental groups like the hospital, the police, and the local sheriff. The life that she had wasn't the life of a normal teenager. She has experienced things that no one should experience. And all she wants to do is keep her past and her motives a secret.

Daniel Hudson is a scholarship percipient for golfing. His rough past keeps him from wanting to get to know Clover better when he is drawn to her the moment she walked into his fathers sporting goods store looking for a camp stove.

Straight from the beginning of the book, starting in Daniel's point of view, we meet the two main characters. The reader immediately gets a taste of the strangeness that is Clover Scott. Her hair is choppy, her personality is non-social, and her life is secretive. And throughout the book the point of views switch a couple of times and the characters grow. I've never read a book with a unique and yet abnormal character like Clover. Her abnormality was what truely drew me more into the story.

There were so many unique scenes that truly helped build up the relationship and the characteristics of the characters. But in the beginning, it was hard for me to get drawn into the story. There were some points where there would be an exciting event happening but then after a couple of pages of excitement and intriguing scenes, the interest in the story would go down. My enjoyment through the first hundred pages of the book wasn't consistent and it did take me a while to get into the story. But once I did, I fell in love with the plot.

Another thing that bothered me was that the events were kind of random and almost felt misplaced. To me, I think it was because I wasn't drawn to it for a portion of the story that the events that would happen would be really good and enveloping but then it would go back down. It was very up and down with the interest towards the beginning of the book. But in the middle of the book, the consistency of interest stayed the same and I was able to focus on the book more.

Clover was such a secretive character compared to the rest of the characters in the book. She made me want to tell Daniel to shhh whenever he asked a question about her past and the reason why she was in Florida because I loved the mysteriousness of her. But all Daniel wanted to do was help and that made me fall in love more with the character. He was charming are really went out of his way to help Clover who, to him, was a girl he had met at his father's sporting goods store while she was looking for a camping stove.

The side characters made the story even better because instead of just being there to support the main characters and their motives, they had their own lives and their own motives. Daniel's sister, Amelia, becomes friends with Clover immediately and Sam, Daniel's friend, has a thing for Amelia. One of the first scenes in the book is a family scene with Daniel's grandmother who is quiet the character

Throughout the story, the point of view changes between Daniel and Clover. When it is Clover's point of view, the reader gets to know more about her past which is more of a nightmare. It truly allows the reader to learn more into the story than it would have been if it was only one point of view.

The bond that is built upon the two main characters is so unique. Both characters have a past that has hurt them. Daniel doesn't want to start things and have the same outcome he had before. Clover doesn't want to have anyone find out about her past and wants to stay invisible. But together they created such a strong relationship.

But the best part of it all was that it wasn't the predictable "fall in love and change each other". Instead it was joining together to jump over a much larger obstacle. It allowed the reader to enjoy the book so much more with its uniqueness because it wasn't the usual YA romance novel.
Though out the book there are so many unique events that Clover and Daniel experience together that create a bond between the two characters. Katherine Fleet has created a touching story of not letting the past limit you. gaining trust. It is a truly unique and lovable story of two people who have gone through so much and yet only want to be without their pasts to define them.

The Secret To Letting Go is released on February 1st. I will be posting a Q&A with the author, Katherine Fleet, on February 1st.

Rachel xoxo
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