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Deeper by Roderick Gordon
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Mar 08, 2011


Book by:Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

Review by: Jacob Cole

First off let me tell all who read this that I have never read a book for the fun of it. In fact the only time I ever read books is books is because of reports and projects, but Deeper and the whole Tunnels series is something different, way different! I stumbled on the books Tunnels and Deeper about two years ago at the book fair. I read about half of it and then it sat on my shelf for six months until six grade roled around and then I read it and was blown away, then I started in on Deeper.
Deeper, unlike the first book that took place in London and then in the Mysterious Colony of the under ground race of humans in witch will was from! Deeper takes place a step below the colony, in the Deeps. The Deeps are consist of secret caverns, The Great plain, and a countless number of lava tubes. Will (the main character), Chester (his best friend), and Cal (his real brother that has been in the Colony all this time) stumble there way through the one hundred mile stretch that is the Great Plain with the Styx hot behind them (Styx are the evil dictateres that govern the Colony). About half way through the book the boys come across two renegades (renegades are people band from the colony for crimes and things like that. These renegades will do any thing to survive, any thing) named Drake and Elliott.
When they get split up is when all heck brakes loose. Elliott is split up with the boys and Drake is to fend for himself. Now the Styx are really on the boys case as Elliott takes them Deeper than any one has gone before. First through the wetlands, a decilant humid place were the most ungodly of creachers live. then they resupply at a weapons cash Drake set up many years ago. There they are ambushed and almost killed by a Limiter scout. After reaching the end of the Deeps they are ambushed again, only this time the whole Styx army is there with rifles ready.
So is this the end of the boys and there acquaintances? Is this the end of the Series? Find out for your self, in the amazing place called the Deeps. Deeper is an action packed fun book to read. I suggest this book to any young or old reader that is the type to read an action advencher.
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