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Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter
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really liked it

Once upon a time, a vampire prince named Nicolai was an arrogant seducer of anything with breasts. He lived happily, frolicking with his brothers and sister, learning to fight, to control his temper, to use his powers, and learn to heal...until one day, an evil sorcerer attacks. His parents, the king and queen, are slaughtered, and with their dying breaths, each casts a spell. His mother sends all 4 of her children to safety, while the king instills a need for vengeance against the Blood Sorcerer. Unfortunately the queen's spell sent her children to different places in their world. Nicolai finds himself naked in the sex slave market of Delfina, "a kingdom without time or age."

He escapes and is captured by the princess of the witches, Odette. She and her sister Laila have his memory erased and Odette forces him to become her sex slave.

Meanwhile, in a place far, far away, a cabin in the human realm, we find our heroine, Jane. Jane is recovering from a horrific car accident. A drunk driver hit her car and killed her family, paralyzing Jane, crushing her from waist down. After a long torturous year, she is up, walking, jogging every day to keep her muscles from stiffening, and she is dreaming of a chained vampire. Oh yes, she knows the hero's a vampire because she used to work in a research facility that interrogated the "others." She's a scientist who has been trying to send things over to Nicolai's realm-and she's succeeded with inanimate objects. But one day she finds a book on her doorstep. Opening it up and reading it, she can not only picture Nicolai, the vampire who wrote the lines, but she can see him as if she knows him. Does she?

Next thing she knows, Jane is transported into the Princess Odette's life. Everyone who sees her, sees Odette. Everyone, that is, except Nicolai. He convinces her to free him, and she is whipped by her "mother," the queen, but our hero, in a fit of rage tears through everyone to get to his woman. And that is really just the first 60 pages or so!

But never fear! Once they escape, danger is constantly dogging their heels. Jane is captured by *ahem* very lusty ogres. Even in her fat, ugly, Princess Odette disguise, they want her anyway. She does a good job of fighting one off, but more grab her, and unfortunately Nicolai fought them until he was incapacitated with some of his memories rushing back. Each time he gains more of his memories, it's painful and he loses time. Finding Jane is a priority, but his memories force him to re-live them, and each is a debilitating memory. But as his memory returns, so do his powers, and luckily he's able to find Jane each time.

The two of them find amazing amounts of danger! But I enjoyed watching Nicolai learn that he couldn't just use Jane to escape-he began to care for her, and respect her. The sex came pretty early on, and as we all know Showalter, that woman can write some steamy naughtiness. But I liked it. The world-building wasn't hard to follow, but the memory stealing was. I had a hard time remembering whose memories were stolen and by whom. And the ending was a bit abrupt. But other than that, it was a fun ride. I liked seeing the trademark Gena Showalter sense of humor and I really enjoyed the way Nicolai got possessive over Jane, but he didn't understand why. For those of you who are rolling your eyes at the love at first sight bit, stop right there-it wasn't. There's a sneaky little twist in there that lets us know they've met before. They were friends, but something happens that takes that away.

I liked it, I was confused a few times, but I am really looking forward to the next installment (which is actually written by Jill Monroe. And Jessica Andersen and Nalini Singh have the 2 after that. This looks to be an intense series.

ETA: I've been told this is a variation of Alice in Wonderland, and that actually helped clarify some of the confusion for me.
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Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Lord of the Vampires and Lord of Shadows at the same time. I wonder if you have a secret yearning for maybe... a Lord? LOL..j/k

Laura the Highland Hussy He he...or not so secret ;)

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Laura the Highland Hussy wrote: "He he...or not so secret ;)"


message 4: by Jocelin (new)

Jocelin This book looks really interesting, but I am a little leary about getting this one. I like Gena Showalter but, some of her books have not blown my socks off (expect the Nymph King which I really like) You know what I mean (Valerian you are so yumtastic). Why do I keep making up these crazy words. Anyway, let me know what you think and maybe I'll read it.

Laura the Highland Hussy LOL!! this one's good-love the hero! but as of now it's just really good, not awesomesauce I wanna have its babies

Wendy *Sebella Blue* Mitchell This one's coming up in my TBR, I have VERY high hopes.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Once upon a time, a vampire prince named Nicolai was an arrogant seducer of anything with breasts.

Damn! I missed out!

Great review... I might request it, but I have so many other things to read and I don't know if I could get it in in under 60 days. *sigh*

message 8: by Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly (last edited Jul 06, 2011 01:12AM) (new) - added it

Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly I'm so glad that you liked this! the only other review that I've looked at for this was bad. I value your opinion much more.

Vanessa theJeepDiva that is a ton of stuff to happen in just the 1st 60 pages!

message 10: by Jen (new) - rated it 3 stars

Jen Davis The fact that you liked it so much makes me feel worse for not loving it. They really ARE going to take away my Gena Showalter fan card!

Laura the Highland Hussy Lol!!Jen it wasn't rock my socks fantastic by any means, but I did like it. I did get confused easily though :(

Laura the Highland Hussy Vanessa wrote: "that is a ton of stuff to happen in just the 1st 60 pages!"

I know! And the whole book is action-packed

Ren Puspita Honestly, I want to punch Nikolai, each time he said "mine", lol

Laura the Highland Hussy really? I didn't mind that-it went well with his instincts and his "caveman-speak" You know, those short sentences and single words.

Ren Puspita Umm, the problem is me. I don't like his "caveman" speak. For me,just said it once, is enough :). But, at last, in the end he talk more than a single words.

Laura the Highland Hussy ahh, I can see where that would be a problem :) oh, well, better luck with the next book. are you going to buddy read with Annie? mine has no caveman speak ;P

Hbeebti I thought this wasnt coming out until next month. Heading to the book store tomorrow , will have to look and see if the have it.

Laura the Highland Hussy Hbeebti wrote: "I thought this wasnt coming out until next month. Heading to the book store tomorrow , will have to look and see if the have it."

It won't come out til august-we got it from as am ARC
You should check it out!

Hbeebti Cool thanks, I will.

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Jane is captured by *ahem* very lusty ogres.

One of my favorite parts of the book! Those were some stoopid ogres! LOL!

Great review, Laurie!

message 22: by Ruth (new) - added it

Ruth that woman can write some steamy naughtiness

I'm absolutely reading this next.

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