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King's Cage by Victoria Aveyard
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it was amazing
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Queen Song: 4 stars
Steel Scars: 3 stars
Red Queen: 5 stars
Glass Sword: 4.25 stars
King’s Cage: 4.5 stars

I loved the third installment in the Red Queen series; the characters were once again on point, the writing is beautiful, the world is amazing and the plot was totally unpredictable and full of action. However ‘King’s Cage’ wasn’t perfect..

Note: Those wonderful arts weren’t made by me, but since I couldn't mostly find the sources, I just want to thank the artists for their awesome artwork.

“Those who know what it's like in the dark will do anything to stay in the light.”

Spoiler Warning for the whole ‘Red Queen’ series!

The beginning of this book was a lot more captivating than the previous book, it kept me on the edge of my seat. The political drama at court kept the tension high all the time and I loved every minute of it. What I did not like as much about the beginning, besides that it was quite slow, was the endless tossing and turning in Mare’s head, or the infinite scenery descriptions. Let’s just say that this book could have been a lot shorter and would be more pleasant to read if some would have been left out.

It was interesting to see what happened to Mare in the situation she was in (sick as it was). She began to crave the attention and affection Maven gave her because she was alone every day. So I did like the interactions between Mare and Maven, and to get to know a bit more about Maven. Is he good in his heart? Was he manipulated by queen Elara so much that he couldn’t think of his own? Can he really love Mare? Can he be saved? I also loved that Evangeline was once again present in this story, she makes this book so much better and I was happy to also get her pov.

“Now I'm in a king's cage. But so is he. My chains are Silent Stone. His is the crown.”

If you’d have told me beforehand that this book would contain multiple perspective; and one of the other perspectives was going to be Cameron, I would have thrown the book in your face and would have never read it. Besides that I hate the phenomena to just add more pov’s in a later book because the main character pov “can’t handle it anymore, I HATED Cameron in Glass Sword, she was cruel, picking fights, selfish and mean (but now I recognize I’ve been reading her as Mare saw her). So I had no desire to read from her pov. I recognized that it was a nice variety in between Mare’s “slow” chapters in the beginning and that it could have been quite handy to also see a pov with the Scarlet Guard while Mare was Maven’s prisonor. But I don’t understand why it had to be Cameron? She was only introduced half a book ago. Why not Cal? Kilorn? Farley? One of Mare’s siblings?

However after being introduced to things from Cameron’s perspective I grew a little bit more sympathetic for her and came to understand her more. I even began to like her after three chapters. However I did think that her chapters were very unnecessary. Every single chapter was about Mare; about getting her out, about broadcasts she did, how everyone responded to this, and I have to say looking back the only thing remotely interesting from her pov was the scene that she got her brother out of the tower (which she could have just told Mare that after). Cameron’s pov could have been interesting if for example the first battle of Corvium would have been described from her pov, or how they were really planning to get Mare out or how the scarlet guard got in Piedmont and Montfort. But these things were all skipped to get a shocking effect later when Mare found out.

The second pov that was added (in the second half of the book) was Evangeline’s. In contrast to Cameron’s, I loved Evangeline’s pov. Her pov was informative, necessary to the plot and gave a whole new inside in Evangeline’s character. I loved her relationship with Elane and the totally realistic character growth she made in my opinion (but maybe that’s just because I understand her motives behind her actions now). I really liked how she got the insight that a crown is not everything and that she would choose Elane if she could.


I recognize that Mare is a flawed main character. She has a lot of problems, I agree with everyone who says things about her being selfish, has a problem with trust …. Yadayada. But think about what she’s been through, the mental and physical abuse that has been done to her, she’s been hunted, taken apart, used against herself, locked up numerous of times, starved, paraded like a puppet, sentenced to death, watched people die (even family members), killed people because otherwise they would have killed her. And countless more things. I understand that she is getting a little crazy and problematic, I find her character development realistic. I personally still enjoy reading from her pov and I love that she never gave up.

A thing that did bother me in this book is that it skipped several very important events. I was so annoyed that when Cameron saved Morrey and this “tense” situation occurs after that we don’t see what happens after. Or the last battle of Corvium got super intense with Mare in the field and Silvers from one side storming at her and Corvium on the other side. But then I turn the page and the next chapter is from Evangeline’s pov at a cousil meeting, after the battle? A final thing that was totally skipped over was Mare getting her feet back on the ground in Piedmont. I wanted to experience her trauma, I wanted to understand her training with the other lightning newbloods, her relationship with Cal (getting more in debt about that later in this review), more the scenes with her family. I think such an important character development was all summarized in like 20 pages!

These three skips of events make that I don’t really understand that we need to read a six page scenery when Mare is captive with Maven or a chapter without any point from Cameron’s point. The book is long in itself and a lot could have been left out to make place for important events that did add to plot and character development.


A thing that I did really love was that this book was in my opinion totally unpredictable. My issue with ‘Red Queen’ and ‘Glass Sword’ was mainly that I could predict the whole book without even reading it. But in Kings Cage twist after twist after twist just came rolling around the corner, and I loved it! it is one of the reasons why I scored this book high despite my many other issues. I never expected Maven and the Lakelanders to make peace, never expected him to marry Iris, never expected the scarlet guard to take Corvium, Maven and his coronation tour, the saving of Mare, her and Cal falling in love after again, this huge battle at the end of the book, the “betrayal” of Cal afterward. The plot was always moving, if it was political or in battle, it was super entertaining and totally unpredictable.

And the second (main) reason why I scored this book so high was because the world building of this series is just a-ma-zing! I’m still in awe over all the awesome abilities. But not only that, the politics is also on point (I love scheming). The alliances in this book totally shifted, I mean who saw it coming that the Rift would work together with the Scarlet Guard or Norta with the Lakelands? I love the red-silver relation in this book, and I think we can learn a lot about this book, only in our world it is color of skin, race or who you love instead of blood. I loved that the world expanded behind the borders of Norta and that we got to know so much about the history.

I do want to comment on Mare and Cal’s relationship in this book. In my opinion it was totally unrealistic. I don’t mind them together, they were even cute in several points in this book. However, they didn’t talk about anything. They both have several personality problems caused by Maven. They had a huge fight before Mare was taken captive and Mare was just traumatized for a half year by HIS BROTHER. They ignored every single problem and decided to start “dating” which was in itself very unrealistic, but I also didn’t like how this was integrated in the story, or well wasn’t at all.

So I wasn’t that surprised when Cal chose the kingdom of Norta over their “love” and to be honest I also didn’t mind it that much. Their relationship was unrealistic, they only had it for like a month, it’s unhealthy since they don’t talk about their problems and besides all those things Call is born as a silver crown prince, has been trained and educated all is live to become a king. So I totally think that he made the right choice for himself, and he had the right to make it and break up a relationship of only a month. I understand Mare is upset, certainly given her history with trust, but I think she can at least try to understand Cal’s point of view.

“You aren’t alone.” The hope in his eyes cuts deeply. “You have your crown.”

The final battle for Corvium was totally unexpected in my opinion. Usually (YA) authors save the “big battles” for the last book. Certainly now that we know that the last book in this series is called ‘War Storm’. But I absolutely loved this action packed scene and that’s why I was super upset when it was cut short and almost entirely focused on Mare. The advantage of doing multiple pov’s is to tell multiple sides of one battle, certainly because in this story the three girls all have such different positions and roles. So, I was quite upset that we only saw Mare’s side of this scene and the only thing I remembered was her trying to defend this hole that none of Maven’s soldier could go through.

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