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Fighting Solitude by Aly Martinez
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it was amazing
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Fighting Solitude is LIVE!
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Genre: Contemporary Romance
Type: Standalone Book 3 of 3 from On The Ropes series
POV: First Person - Dual

Quarry Page lived a hard life. Growing without parents, his brothers were his support system. With a champion fighter as a brother, it was only natural for him to follow the footsteps and claim his own glory.

Liv James has been friends with Q since they were just a kid. An incident in the past pushed them apart until a life changing event brought them back together. They had always found solace in each other but still haunted by the ghost of the past. Both of them need to learn how to move on before there could be any future between them.

I have to say, I haven’t got the chance to read the previous books in the series. Even so, I really enjoyed this one.

I really like Q. I love how we got to see his struggle since he was very young. I could feel both his anger and his devastation. There weren’t many details on what transpired in the past, but there were enough glimpses for me to understand his family history.

I wanted to melt into his arms and steal the safety and comfort that only existed when I was with him.

I like Liv too, but there were times when I was frustrated with her reluctance to take chance. I absolutely adore their platonic friendship. I love seeing how much they supported each other even if it wasn’t direct.

Both of their family played a huge part on shaping them as an individual and as a couple. I love seeing how fiercely protective they were for each other and how they rallied together during critical situations.

“You are, and always have been, the one person in my life who has the ability to destroy me. For years, I clung to you, knowing that , as long as I kept you close, I didn’t have to be scared of anything else. You, Quarry Page, are the embodiment of my greatest fear.”

One thing I wish I got more is the emotions. I felt for both characters but some added intensity would make it much better. However, I am aware this could possibly partly due to my lack of knowledge of previous stories.

Fighting Solitude is a story of how two individual overcome their painful past with the support their family and each other, because no matter what happen, life should always move on.

Books in the series:
Fighting Silence (On the Ropes, #1) by Aly Martinez Fighting Shadows (On the Ropes, #2) by Aly Martinez Fighting Solitude (On the Ropes, #3) by Aly Martinez

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64.0% " “Tell me this feels wrong,” he ordered, fisting a hand into the back of my hair then slamming his mouth back over mine. My lips ached under the force of his, but my tongue greedily swirled in his mouth. \n “Tell me,” he gritted out. \n \n "
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79.0% " Quarry had been wrong; I didn’t even need to arrive before I started freaking out again. \n \n ---Ok what's her problem? WTF that made her so scared? Ugh come on, I need to know! lol!\n \n "
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Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Wonderful review, hon!! :) xx

warhawke Alba and Her Secrets..♥ wrote: "Wonderful review, hon!! :) xx"

Thank you Alba!

Jennifer Kyle Fab review War! xxx

message 4: by Rag (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rag Fab review war!

Sophie  **2 Greek Girls Reading** Gorgeous review, hun! :) I'm glad you enjoyed, but I do believe you would have liked it even more if you had read the previous books!

Marlene W You MUST go back and read the other books in this series! You will LOVE!

Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ Great review girlie! Sounds like a great series!

message 8: by Ari (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ari Great review war! ❤❤

message 9: by Jen (new)

Jen Great review, War. I totally bumped up the first book in this series.

warhawke Jennifer wrote: "Fab review War! xxx"
Thanks Jennifer!

Rag wrote: "Fab review war!"
Thank you Rag :D

Salvatore wrote: "Gorgeous review, hun! :) I'm glad you enjoyed, but I do believe you would have liked it even more if you had read the previous books!"
I think so too :D

Marlene wrote: "You MUST go back and read the other books in this series! You will LOVE!"
I wanted to but now I already know what happened it might lessen the effect lol!

Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ wrote: "Great review girlie! Sounds like a great series!"
Thanks Jamie!

••ari wrote: "Great review war! ❤❤"
Thank you ari ;)

JR Mile wrote: "Great review, War. I totally bumped up the first book in this series."
Thanks JR! Hope you'll enjoy the series :D

Shanny Gorgeous review War!! The series is really good, too bad you didn't read the previous book :)

Hulya Kara Yuksel Terrific review and visuals War! I'll read this series asap. :)

Arabella ~♡AB♡~ Great review, War x

warhawke Shanny wrote: "Gorgeous review War!! The series is really good, too bad you didn't read the previous book :)"
I know lol! Thanks Shanny :D

Hulya wrote: "Terrific review and visuals War! I'll read this series asap. :)"
Thanks Hulya! You really should ;)

Arabella ~♡AB♡~ (Mrs Javier Bernal) wrote: "Great review, War x"
Thank you Arabella :D

message 16: by Judith (new)

Judith Great review,my darling,xx

warhawke Kelli C for "Cross" wrote: "Beautiful! xoxo"
Thank you Kelli!

Judith wrote: "Great review,my darling,xx"
Thanks Judith :D

Michelle Brilliant review babe xxx

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Joëlle Wonderful review War =D

warhawke Michelle wrote: "Brilliant review babe xxx"
Thanks Michelle!

Joëlle wrote: "Wonderful review War =D"
Thank you Joelle :D

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Jen Wonderful review warhawke! ❤️

message 22: by Evgeny (new)

Evgeny Great review!!!

warhawke Jen wrote: "Wonderful review warhawke! ❤️"
Thanks Jen!

Evgeny wrote: "Great review!!!"
Thank you Evgeny :D

Nikki ღ Navareus Excellent review, Darlin'! :)

warhawke Nikki ღ Navareus wrote: "Excellent review, Darlin'! :)"

Thanks Nikki!

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Stacey is Sassy Great review my lovely :-) ♥

warhawke Stacey is Sassy wrote: "Great review my lovely :-) ♥"

Thanks Stacey!

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Anna War fab review

warhawke Anna wrote: "War fab review"

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