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Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish
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5000 Stars! I love this book so hard.
Writing reviews is so difficult for me because I can never quite find the right words to convey just how much I love this book. But I'm going to try.

I fell into book heaven with the first book, In the Middle of Somewhere. When I heard there was going to be a sequel I was SO excited.

The timeline of Out of Nowhere runs parallel to the first book. I had seen that in someone else's review, and I was glad I knew that going in. I HATED Colin in book one. I mean, how can you not? Book 1 was from Daniel's perspective and Colin was horrible to Daniel. So Roan Parrish had her work cut out for her when she chose to tell a book from Colin's perspective. I was so ready to hate Colin in this book too.


I just couldn't.

Colin. He is tortured. Lonely. Angry. Shameful. Spiteful. He is gay but he can barely hold the thought in his head without feeling shame. He has chosen to bury this part of himself and stay deeeep in the closet. He is afraid of his father's reaction to him being gay because of how his father reacted when Daniel came out. But then he's angry because he feels shame. He lashes out and pushes people away. Then he feels lonely because he doesn't have a relationship. This cycle was maddening. I wanted to just jump into the book and shake some sense into Colin. And his father. And his brothers.

Rafe. I just LOVE Rafe. He saves Colin from a pretty brutal beating at a gay bar. Once they meet, he keeps coming around Colin. The chemistry between them sizzles. And no matter how hard Colin tries to stay away, they can't fight the pull.

I quickly became invested in these characters and I NEEDED a HEA. I needed it.

I love the writing the most. Roan Parrish has a way of bringing issues out in a new light. Books between bars (I'm sure I don't have the phrase right) - I would have NEVER thought to volunteer for something like this. I hope to never be arrested and I have lived with this ignorant attitude that prison is full of bad people. But what a horrible attitude. People make mistakes. Don't they deserve the right to be able to change and become better without carrying this mark of shame forever making them guilty just because of their past? I evaluated my conscience. My way of thinking. Rafe ran an organization for gay youth. He volunteered to sent books to prison inmates. He was involved in politics. What the eff am I doing with my life?? LOL. This book really made me want to become more active in my community.

And I want to know Rafe. And Colin. I wish I could dive into this book and become friends with these characters.

I loved being on the other side of the confrontation between Daniel and Colin.

I loved watching Colin grow throughout the book. And Rafe.

I loved every word of this book.

There are some books that are a pleasant way to pass the time.

And there are some books that leave a stamp on your soul. The words reach in and change you. Make you feel. Make you hurt. Make you love. Make you question your own ways of thinking about how the world works. Books that set the curve for all future books you will read.

Out of Nowhere is one of those books.

Bottom line: you must read this book. Start with In the Middle of Somewhere.

I will forever buy all of this author's future work. Without even reading the blurb. She's just that good.
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