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Stilettos in the Newsroom by Rashmi Kumar
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The first thing you notice about this book is it is not about some guy who graduated out of IIM and landed himself a job in an MNC company. What a relief! When every second book released (my exaggeration) by an Indian author is about IIM or IIT graduates, this book comes as a breath of fresh air. Rashmi Kumar debuts as an author with this book and it does make you sit up and take notice.

Stilettos in the Newsroom is about Radhika, a fresh graduate who finds herself a copy editing job in a newspaper. The book takes us through her roller coaster ride called life and how she manages to keep herself sane in the crazy world of press.

The book is written in a very informal, chatty style which might put off some readers. I found it a bit irritating at first, what with ‘Arre’ and ‘na’ being used before and after (almost) every statement, but I got used to it with time. This book could have used another round of proof-reading because I found a mistake bang on page one.

‘Arre, baby, but it’s your first day na…’, her voice trails of.

Now, I am no expert proof reader, but shouldn’t that be ‘trails off‘?

Radhika’s character comes across as someone who is desperate to prove herself in her new job. She could have used some more layers though, especially when it comes life outside her office. Also, most of the other characters lack life – except for one, Tina. It’s funny because Tina’s character hardly has any dialogues, but yet I could connect with her. Sushmita is another character which comes across as real.

For people who are ignorant of newsrooms and what goes inside, this book gives you a peel into the life of a reporter.

The book moves fast and is over before you know it. This book is for one of those weekends where you want some light entertainment and don’t want to work up your grey cells. It is a good filler between two heavy books because this book is light as a feather, literally and figuratively.
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message 3: by Avid (last edited Mar 07, 2011 10:25PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Avid mp wrote: "Your review sounds like you liked the book. Still, one star?"
hmmm... I didn't really say I liked the book. I listed down the good things and the bad things about the book and left it at that.

message 2: by Prakhar (new)

Prakhar Bindal Well, an initial glance of your review does give the impression that even thought you may not have loved it, you did not hate it either. Why the one star then? :)

message 1: by Avid (new) - rated it 1 star

Avid Prakhar wrote: "Well, an initial glance of your review does give the impression that even thought you may not have loved it, you did not hate it either. Why the one star then? :)"

Does my review give that impression? I have listed more negative points than positive ones, if you look closely.

The first thing I say about the book is that makes you take notice of it. It doesn't mean I liked the book. I say the informal tone is irritating (-ve). I say book needed better proof-reading (-ve). I say the main character lacked depth (-ve) and one character who I could connect with (+ve). The book is interesting for those want to know what goes in inside a press office (neutral). The book moves fast (neutral for me, because I don't judge a book based on its size). The book is light entertainment (which again for me is neutral. I am only giving more information to someone who is deciding whether to read this book or not). It doesn't work out your grey cells (-ve for me because I don't read books only for pleasure). And the last comment is the clincher - the book is light literally and figuratively. I am not sure if my sarcasm worked but that should mean I didn't take back anything from the book.

PS: This is the first time I am doing a postmortem of my own review!

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