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Castaways by Brian Keene
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Mar 07, 2011

it was ok
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Read from March 05 to 10, 2011

So I just finished Brian Keene's "Castaways". Here's what I thought. "Castaways" was a fun, quick read but not really all that satisfying. It is the story of a group of contestants who are on a "Survivor" type reality show who are stranded on an island with carnivorous, rape-y subhuman creatures. The creatures are smallish, kind of monkey-like but with wicked claws and teeth. They have been inbreeding for who knows how long and they need to widen the gene pool so they want to kill the men and take the women for breeding. Its pretty straightforward. You get some stock character types. Keene does try to give them each some personality but most of them are pretty one dimensional. The only character I really felt connected to was Troy. The other sympathetic characters were pretty bland. Another thing I noticed; Keene states in an Author's Note that this was inspired by Richard Laymon but to me it is very reminiscent of Jack Ketchum's "Off Season". If you change Ketchum's inbred cannibals to inbred subhuman monkey monsters and move the story from the New England coast to a deserted island then its very similar. Even down to the cave the things live in and the murder/rape scenes in the cave including the females escape and chase through the woods (jungle in this case). He doesn't mention it as an inspiration but to me it definitely felt like an homage. I like Brian Keene so far. This is the third of his books I've read (including "Conqueror Worms" and "Dead Sea") I liked both of the other novels better. "Dead Sea" was especially good and had a lot more meat to dig into and think about. All in all, "Castaways" was not bad but not great. It is fast paced though and there's some great action. The monsters are kind of cool and the death scenes, as always with Keene, are detailed, bloody and visceral. They always get an A+. So A+ for death scenes and a C- overall.

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03/07/2011 page 106
32.0% "I like this so far but I'm only really rooting for one protagonist and he's the asshole."
03/10/2011 page 264
79.0% "At a very action-y point in the story but we're past the big "reveal" so, kinda downhill from here I feel."

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message 5: by Casey (new)

Casey I liked the setup of this. Not one of Keene's best though.

Kelleynotlp Casey wrote: "I liked the setup of this. Not one of Keene's best though."

Yeah. It feels more like a role playing game module. Throw a bunch of people together on an island with little monsters and see what happens. Still, its pretty entertaining. So far "Dead Sea" is my favorite.

message 3: by Casey (new)

Casey ha, I was going to suggest Dead Sea, that's my current fave too!

Kelleynotlp Casey wrote: "ha, I was going to suggest Dead Sea, that's my current fave too!"

I really like the way he did his zombie apocalypse in Dead Sea. The undead animals were really terrifying. The idea of the undead lion roaming the zoo...*shivers*

Newt cox I really enjoyed Castaways. It was like a novelization to a mid 90's b-horror movie.

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