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Jennifer Johnson is Sick of Being Alone by Heather McElhatton
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Mar 07, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: dropoff-and-throw-away

Another book that I regret to buy it.

The story is very bad, or honestly i may say, worse. I have to forced myself to read through pages just because I don't want to waste money i spent to bought this awful novel, and in the end I gave up. I was not able to continue to read without feeling sick and disgusted of the story and the depiction of its main character.

I don't know what is in the author's mind when she's creating this character, whether she personifies the character from a real figure or it's just her fantasy (or maybe she personifies her own character?) I don't know, but certainly Jennifer Johnson's character indeed very annoying and sucks. SUCKS in capital letters.

Only to read a few early pages, I was able to understand the overall picture of Jennifer Johnson's personality. She's an awful person, she treats everyone surrounds her like a crap. No wonder that she's being single for a long time, because she can't appreciate other people. This kind of person is not worthed to live, actually.

She's a heavyweight grumbler. Things don't fit in her eyes, she criticized everything, and when i said everything it means EVERYTHING. For her the world is wrong and only she who's right. She likes to criticize others but she can't accept when she was criticized.

Jennifer Johnson is a cruel impeccable insulter who doesn't realize herself. She could easily insulting others, saying that one person whose face is ugly, then insult another with fat body when in fact, she herself isn't beautiful and that she's also one big porky obese person itself.

She's a world class liar. Her brain is automatically being set to lie, all words that came out of her mouth was a rotten lie.

Jennifer Johnson is a miserable sad dreamer and highly delusional or maybe she's schizophrenia? She just met Brad but she's already fantasizing about her future as Brad's girlfriend (and even fantasized into Brad's wife), even when Brad wasn't know her yet! And when Brad had started to know her and having first date, her brain started to make a future plan waaayyy too far ahead. Schizophrenia symptoms, indeed.

She's a very rude woman. She have an awful behavior. She likes to hurt other people's feeling, she hurt her own mother and sister with her venomous words. And even the only friend that she have -Christopher- can't escape from her harsh behavior.

Knowing this making me sick and wants to throw up, unable to continue reading the rest. I've read various novels, Chicklit and other literature, not ever once I find a character that's so awful and disgusting as this Jennifer Johnson. I don't care about the story's ending which of course can be easily guessed, that Brad fall in love with Jennifer Johnson regardless of her outward appearance because he like Jennifer the way she is, and blablablabla, another Chicklit ending cliche. That doesn't reduce my disgusted feeling toward this story.

Without much thought or consideration, for sure I named "Jennifer Johnson Is Sick Of Being Single" as the worst book and not worth reading at all. Sorry to say, this book went straight into the trash can. That's where it belong. Trash story into trash can.

No doubt, the thing I did was strengthened with the bad editing from Gagas Media as the publisher. Honestly the editor's sucks. Feels like this book being edited by an amateur editors who have never done editing before, internships editor maybe. There's so many spelling errors for example, jatuh>
Because I wasn't able to continue to read this book, so I don't know how many again spelling errors being found in the whole book, but I'm sure there's many others fail spelling because from only a few early pages I've found a lot of writing errors, then how about in a single whole book? Place a bet? :P

Honestly, in the first place I want to salute with a breakthrough that Gagas Media did, competing release Chicklit genre novels, because as all we know that usually Chicklit novels is dominated by GPU. But then, after i read this translation, i have to reconsider to give my salute to Gagas Media. Poor selection stories along with lousy editing ...
Well...well...well...I would never again buy Chicklit genre novels from Gagas Media.

I should choose GPU, and only GPU for my selection of Chicklit genre novels. Because GPU has been known for its quality and selection of qualified stories, look at their published Chicklit novel with well known qualified authors such as Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot, Lauren Weisberger or Jane Green.

Chicklit genre novel from Gagas Media? IMHO, thumbs down.

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