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The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
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Mar 06, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, favorites, reviews
Recommended for: People who read the Lost Hero, or any of Rick Riordan's books (just read the Lost Hero first)
Read from October 05 to 21, 2011 — I own a copy

** spoiler alert ** Oct 5th: Yes yes yes! I finally got it! I'm still in shock that the book is just sitting in front of me the day after it came out. I think this is the first time I actually bothered buying a book this early. Whatever. At least I can stop reading that Clique book that my friend forced me to read for about a week...

Oct 21st: Yay I'm almost done! Just one more paragraph-wait-Percy still hasn't been reunited with Annabeth yet?

Though honestly, I loved this book, more than the Lost Hero, which I think is my least favorite Rick Riordan book I've read. Anyways, some thoughts (I tend to write mostly negative reviews on other things besides Goodreads so this will be hard)...


I'm pretty sure Frank and Hazel (or at least Hazel) have the most interesting back stories for demi-gods from this series. Frank has an extremely long family tree with Greek, Roman, Chinese and Canadian elements and he is a direct son of Mars and is related to Neptune. His life literally depends on a stick. Really.

Hazel (like Nico and Bianca) was born decades ago, in the 1920s to be exact. She was cursed by Pluto, her father, to keep her safe, and can almost summon cursed metals from underground. She literally killed herself and her mother and came back to life with Nico because the doors of death were open.

Hazel rocks, and Frank is pretty good. I'd take them over Jason and Piper any day. My only complaint was that their relationship seemed almost forced. Annabeth and Percy had 5 whole books to actually become an official couple. Yes, we get it Frank, we get it you like Hazel. And Hazel, we still know about Sammy who grew up without you. It doesn't help that at the end of the book Leo is shown to look just like him (I bet he's his grandson.) Do I sense a love triangle forming?

Other than that, I love them. Frank has an interesting background and Hazel is another kick-butt female character with an awesome story.

Yes, Percy Jackson is also still his funny, awesome self. Enough said. By the end of the book though he almost remembers everything about his old life, witch I thought felt rushed. I haven't read the Lost Hero in months and this didn't happen to Jason. But then again, he had to deal with a girl who claimed he was her girlfriend.

Probably my Heroes of Olympus character ranking would be like this:
#1. Hazel
#2. Leo
#3. Frank
#4. Piper
#5. Jason


Basically, our main characters are sent on a quest from Mars. They have to save Death (metaphorically, of course.) Along course of the book, Percy recovers most of his memory and many interesting events happen and new characters are met. Also, many secrets get out and monsters are killed. I can't really describe the plot that well because I really don't want to and I'll spoil the entire thing (although really, you shouldn't be reading a spoiler marked without reading the book first, should you?)

Typically, traditional quest plot that follows the same route as other Percy Jackson books before it. I like it anyway. Next!


Rick Riordan forgets some of the rules that he developed in the other books. Like the one where you can't kill a giant without a god's help. Otherwise, he keeps the same, funny modernized style that I love. For example, Death uses an IPad and the female Amazon warriors actually work at Amazon the website. I even noticed that his writing has gotten much better and the 3rd person perspective works well. This also seems to have given him the reason to use lots of Greek-Roman words and to include a glossary in the back. I feel embarrassed that I actually had to check it.


Percy Jackson fans can rejoice. He's back and as good as ever. Rating?
**** /10

Now to wait for Mark of Athena-oh no...


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