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Club for Cross Dressers by Kuromame
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Jan 21, 2016

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Not For the Faint of Heart - Club for Cross Dressers Review

So this is the second cross-dressing manga that has come out from Project H, which is slightly surprising given the not-straight nature of the stories, but perhaps because the people look feminine it's counted? I actually don't know the politics of this, nor really do I know in some of the stories how much the characters read as trans as opposed to cross-dressers and yes, I would have liked a bit more direction in that in regards to context and all because obviously there might be different things in Japan or whatever but as this is a hentai/yaoi manga I will perhaps try to calm my expectations and try to engage the text for what it is. Which is quite cute. With two main caveats that are difficult to ignore. 1.) Many of the stories feature characters that are quite young who are 2.) getting sexualized for an older audience (which might not be more than many YA books out there, but the visual component and appearing in a hentai imprint and...well, things to think about).

Now, I quite enjoy most of the stories. Yes, I feel that the stories featuring the adults interacting with adults were the strongest (the patient/nurse story was probably my favorite), but the high school stories were also rather adorable and at least it's young people interacting with young people in a quasi-sexual way that is still much more romance that anything. I should say that despite the hentai label there is no real sex in these stories, though there are sexual situations. But really most of the charm comes from the hesitation of the men faced with the prospect of wearing feminine clothes and then embracing it (sometimes very, very enthusiastically). That this confuses other men who claim to "not be into gay stuff" is great and really makes me wonder at the statement being made marketing this as hentai instead of yaoi. Truly I think too much about this.

Ahem, moving along, the volume is a collection of stories and those stories are pretty light and cute and feature a budding romance and little more, but they are well rendered and the characters and the situations keep things fresh and moving along. The art is well done and sexy while not being too much in my opinion and they really are romantic stories, friends finding new feelings for each other or strangers bonding in unexpected ways, and it all works pretty well. I guess I'm a sucker for the "everyone is secretly into everyone" sort of settings that this volume creates. And there are plenty of embarrassing and ridiculous gags and situations and it's a light and mostly fun experience.

For those into cross-dressing stories, this is another solid installment to those (very few) options out there. And I want to believe the volume is written to be fun stories of young men falling in love with young men (and perhaps dressing up). Are there lots of complex gender issues that the volume glosses over? Yes. Does it need to address those issues to be enjoyable? Well, ultimately I still had a good time reading it. I wanted more context, yes, but I like what's here enough to give it a 6.25/10.

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