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Stargazer by Claudia Gray
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Stargazer, you had me in doubt. You had me wondering if I'd ever finish you. You made me dreading having to finish the rest of the series let alone the actual book but, fear no more! For, I indeed have finished you.

Stargazer by Claudia Gray was a lot better than the first book. The book starts out with a new year in Evernight. We go through the same seasons and days like the last book (You know, unlike other books where the whole entire book takes place only in the summer. . . .). It is a well-known fact that Lucas works for the Black Cross, a group that hunts vampires. Now that his secret is out, he has fled from Evernight and (Well, we don't need a whole recap of the last book but they escape together, Bianca meets Black Cross, they get caught, Bianca has to leave Lucas, yada yada yada) is away from Bianca.

Our story begins with Bianca trying to figure out why Mrs. Bethany is letting humans into the school. She sneaks into Mrs. Bethany's apartment to find anything regarding why. Bianca only finds a few letters. Some that are rejecting human students and some that are accepting human students into Evernight. But what makes one human different from the other if both are academically inclined? This is what Bianca is trying to figure out for her dear Lucas.

While sneaking back into the school she starts to notice weird things happening. . . . Frost? Icy spots in the air? Faces?

As the year goes on, Bianca convinces her parents that she's camping out outside to watch a meteorshower when in reality, she's going to see Lucas for the first time in ages. While waiting for him, a girl comes up to her asking for help. She notices that Bianca is a vampire and tells her that someone is following her.

When Lucas finally arrives, the girl tells Bianca to run, telling her that this is the guy that has been stalking her. The girl runs into a morgue and the Black Cross goes after her. The girl escapes. When Bianca returns to the school, Balthazar catches her and Bianca has to spill the beans.

While describing the girl to Balthazar, he comes to the startling conclution that the girl the Black Cross is after is Charity, his sister. He agrees that if Bianca helps him find his sister, he'll help her get off campus to meet up with Lucas if her and Balthazar act like a couple to fool Bianca's parents.

As the year goes on and on and on, more creepy things happen. Bianca starts coming face to face with ghosts. But, in the mean time, Vic has been talking to other people and realizing that almost every human (Well, everyone in his case) has had a ghostly encounters in their houses.

So what do the ghosts have to do with the humans at Evernight? Why do they keep coming to Bianca? Will Balthazar find Charity? If so, how will she react? Will Bianca and Lucas' love stay intact?

This book cleared up a lot of the plot holes that were in the last one, which I had hoped. The story added more supernatural elements and I absolutely loved Balthazar in all of this. I mean, mmm mmm mmmmmmm, he's smokin'! Speaking of smoking, the only thing that bothered me in this book was that Bianca acts a little, hmm, not her age? Sometimes I feel like she's acting waaaay entirely too mature but then in retrospect, I realize she's a lot older than I think she is. Which is another problem! How old does my brain think she is? 14? 15? Sometimes she sure as hell acts 14. I know she's almost seventeen, but some of the scenes in this book are a little too hot for me!

Just kidding. Seriously. I'm not a pansy.

But, since my brain is telling me she's 14 and she's really 17. . . . All of the almost-sex-scenes, were a bit weird to me. Kind of like, "Oh God, she shouldn't be doing that. This is a young adult book, right? She's only fourteen -- OOOOH! That's right. She's not. I'm wrong. Seventeen. Still creepy. Fourteen year old in my head but, that's just me." That was everything I thought in my head for both scenes all summed up.

To the real and honest point with no sugar added: This book was good. It was entertaining but quite slow in the beginning and a little annoying with some scenes. All of the cat fights with Raquel and Lucas were childish and pointless. I was also a little upset with how close Claudia Gray made Balthazar become to the reader. Didn't make sense? I fell in love with Balthazar, I don't know who didn't. But this isn't Twilight. We all know who Bianca takes and we know there isn't a chance that Balthazar will get his shot with her. It was disappointing. The end was suspenseful and didn't end too quickly or slowly. I knew it would end with a cliff hanger. But a cliff hanger that was manageable. Maybe it's because I already own the next book? Who knows but, I do know that after reading this book, I'm not doubting the series as much as I was before. Truthfully, it's pretty good. Let's just hope the vampire-teenie-bopper-I-love-Edward-Cullen-More stuff ends and we can move onto more interesting supernatural shenanigans.

In the mean time, I shall move onto the 3rd book in this series.
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