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Carpe Jugulum by Terry Pratchett
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Mar 03, 2011

it was amazing
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I didn't expect to like this book as much as other Discworld stories because of the subject being about vampires. But, I am hoping to read all of the Discworld books, and since I enjoyed other ones that featured the witches, I wanted to progress by seeing what those "ladies" were up to. Terry Pratchett has an uncanny ability to look at a lot of facets of life and make fun of them in a way that often makes you laugh out loud. This was not so much a laugh-out-loud story, but I found it to be incredibly profound with an excellent, twisting plot and many things that make you chuckle, at least.

Like all of the other Discworld books I have read (or listened to as audiobooks) there is a philosophical subject to consider. This book, although a little dark in nature, takes a good look at religion, faith and morality and how those relate to each other through what the various characters do and say. In our current times, where there seems to be a rise in what is termed personal spirituality (rather than faith in a god) to meet a perceived need for some sort of moral standards, societal relationships and explanation of how and why our world is as it is, combined with turning away from strictures of organized religion and hypocrisy, Pratchett has put forth a lot of food for thought. For me, there was one section in which a conversation between the witch Granny Weatherwax (professed to not believe in any god) and Mightily Oats (a professed priest of the Discworld god, Om) put it all in a nutshell. I could quote bits from this section, but instead I would recommend reading the book to stimulate your own thoughts. Remember, though, that this IS a fantasy story, and that there are a lot of characters and events that you have to accept as the reality of Discworld.

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