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Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler
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Mar 03, 2011

it was amazing
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This book deals with an honest, brutal, and disturbing truth. But hey truth often is...disturbing that is.

Melissa Miller has always felt different, but then again what teen doesn't? It's how you handle these feelings that define you, rather you want them to or not. Unfortunately for Missy when the emotions build the only release that seems to work comes in the form of blood. For Missy this isn't about dying, no she doesn't have a desire for that. So whats the big deal when her emotional pain begins to present itself in a physical form? While some cry, or lash out at others to make the pain stop, Missy can only find salvation in the sharp blade of a razor. But those scars never go away, and it's only a matter of time before her now ex-boyfriend Adam sees them. And what happens next leads to Missy making the biggest decision of her life....

While she unexpectedly stands at Death's door....Melissa Miller is WAR!

So this review is hard for me to write. I have my reasons, and I'm sure you don't have to be a genius to figure out what those might be so I'm not gonna spell them out for you. Mrs. Kessler has a way of tackling some of the toughest, and often not dealt with, issues of a teens life while wrapping it all up nicely in a little paranormal fiction. But please do NOT think this is merely fiction, because I can assure you it's more reality than people care to admit. And that's the problem, that people can't seem to accept these things. Rather it's self-mutilation, an eating disorder, or any other number of things kids face, one thing remains the same....they are NOT alone, but they have never felt more alone. It's time we follow in Mrs. Kessler's footsteps and tackle these issues. Stop sweeping them under the rug because you can't understand, or are afraid of them. They never go away, not like that!

While this book might not be the best idea for someone who is currently a self-mutilator, mainly because it is kinda graphic and in the wrong hands may become a guide for how NOT to get caught, I Highly recommend this to any parent, sibling, friend, family member, social worker, or just anyone who has ever known someone like Missy. This will help you see what it's like to be inside the brain of someone who seeks shelter through cutting. It is truly an awakening experience. After reading this you come to realize that the term Freak in NO way applies to those who struggle with this. As a person we all deal with things differently, some good, some bad, but in the end we ALL need help. If someone you know is struggling, please help them. Don't label them because your scared, don't push them under the proverbial rug so to speak.

The lesson to learn here is simple....

There is a balance to everything.
You have to have control to maintain it.
There is a war raging inside all of us.
It's only when we let that war consume us, do we lose the balance.
It's a constant fight, but you are not alone.

Missy-"I want to hate her. I want to run from her. But instead I hide from the world and hate only myself. Hatred is easy, because, as they say, practice makes perfect.

War- "Run to me or run from me; either way, I will cut you down. This is the promise of War."

Like I said this is a hard review to write, so sorry if this sounds more like a campaign for self-injurers. I guess in most ways maybe it is. But even still, all that aside, this is a great book. You will me a better person for having read it. So do yourself a favor and pick it up!

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