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Deadly Game by Christine Feehan
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Mar 02, 2011

it was amazing
Read from March 02 to 04, 2011

Deadly Game is Book 5 in the Game series, which means I have missed four amazing stories. I will go back to the beginning of the series but in reading Deadly Game, I was not lost at all. The story stood on its own, recapping and explaining everything necessary. The Game Series is an action series with heavy paranormal undertones and Deadly Game is one of the most sensual stories I have ever read. To say reviews on Deadly Game are mixed is a sorry understatement. But, what I have gathered is whether the reviewer starred the story as a 5 or a 1 they do agree on certain things. They agree the story is gritty, romantic, and explicit. They just don’t agree as to whether that is good or bad. For me, that is excellent.

Deadly Game revolves around Ghostwalkers. Ghostwalkers are soldiers, who volunteered for psychic augmentations. What they didn’t volunteer for was Dr. Whitney (maniac mastermind) using them as guinea pigs. Whitney not only altered the soldiers’ genetic code but also started breeding programs. Whitney pairs Ghostwalkers with enhanced women, in the hopes of creating super-babies. He is a sick sick man.

The scarred but seriously sexy hero of the story is Ken Norton. He is the twin brother of Jack Norton. They are both are Ghostwalker snipers. Jack has settled down with Briony and during their current mission, Ken encounters Mari. Marigold is Briony's twin sister. Ken captures her and intends to bring her to Briony. Obviously, in the name of good story telling, things go awry.

Mari’s mission is to convince the Senator of the inhumanity that is Dr. Whitney. But she desperately wants to return to her sisters. To save them from Dr. Whitney who forces the women to mate with the animalistic men. And, by mate I mean he allows rape and torture to attain his super-babies. Once she lays eyes on Ken Norton things change.

What follows is a dark love tale and journey between Ken and Mari to solve their own internal struggles and still manage to save they day. They love scenes are super steamy, the fight scenes kick ass, and the dialogue is a mix of snarky witty banter and beautiful romantic moments. It is everything a paranormal romance should be and everything an action story wants to be. Christine Feehan is a very talented writer and I look forward to catching up on the Game series.

As I said, each book can stand on its own but the books are meant to be read in this order:

• Shadow Game
• Mind Game
• Night Game
• Conspiracy Game
• Deadly Game
• Predatory Game
• Murder Game
• Street Game
• Ruthless Game

Check out Christine’s website for more information http://www.christinefeehan.com/ghostw...

Happy reading!


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