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Under the Wire by Cindy Gerard
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Mar 02, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: romantic-suspense, older-woman-younger-man
Read in March, 2011

Enjoyable, well done, military guys romantic suspense.

Seventeen years ago, Lily was in Nicaragua working as a nurse and had a passionate one-week affair with Manny. They fell in love. Manny was spying for the Contras by pretending to be a Sandinista soldier. He was then kidnapped by the Sandinistas. They told him that Lily informed on him. He escaped and has hated Lily ever since. After Manny was kidnapped, Lily tried to find him and was told that he died in battle. She left Nicaragua and later discovered she was pregnant. She raised Manny’s son Adam alone.

It is now seventeen years later, Adam goes to Sri Lanka on a service trip for the summer. A military group kidnaps Adam and the family he is staying with. Lily recently learned that Manny was alive. She can’t believe he never tried to find her. Lily goes to Manny for help. Manny is currently a policeman in Boston. He contacts his military friends, and a small group of them go to Sri Lanka to rescue Adam. Lily goes with them. For quite a while, Manny is full of hate for Lily.

I enjoyed the alpha-type military guys. I liked both main characters. Their dislike for each other and ultimate resolution was handled pretty well. I enjoyed their finding each other again through the crisis. Sex scenes were like those in most romantic suspense novels. They were ok, not bad.

I was disappointed with one instance of heroine stupidity. But it was minor and short lived, and it did provide an excuse for the guys to do something neat to save her. So in the spirit of fiction, I accepted it. But the author could have done the same scene without heroine stupidity. Another soldier could have come out of hiding and grabbed her instead of her running toward a soldier – or something else.

I was disappointed that the author never answered the big question from the beginning of the book of who informed on Manny or why he was taken by the Sandinistas.

The author used a lot of Spanish phrases which was fine. But I was impressed that after each Spanish phrase, the author put the translation in italic. Thank you. That works well. Too many authors don’t do this.

When they met, Lily was 28 and Manny was 18. He had been a soldier for a while in a troubled environment which had an aging effect. Other than describing their ages, the story didn’t do anything with the age difference, which was fine with me. I had no preference about that.

So far I’ve read three Cindy Gerard books. This is my favorite. The others are:
3 stars. To The Brink
2 stars. Show No Mercy

Story length: 329 pages. Swearing language: strong, including religious swear words. Sexual language: strong. Number of sex scenes: 6. Estimated number of sex scene pages: 16. Setting: 17 years ago and current day Nicaragua, Sri Lanka, and the U.S. Copyright: 2006. Genre: romantic suspense, older woman younger man.
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Norma You know I started this one twice and couldn't get into it. I'm not sure why. I have the whole series, so I should read them. Maybe I'll go back to it on your recommendation! I do like this author's writing, so I suspect my not getting into it had more to do with me.

Jane Stewart Hi Norma,

Now don’t read it on my account. You know we don’t always agree. If you didn’t feel like it before, maybe it’s just not the right chemistry. I was just happy to not have those misunderstandings and stupidities.

On the other hand, if you’re in the mood and already have it – yes give it a try. Let’s see here, I’ve told you no, then I said yes, should I really confuse you now and say maybe?

Good Luck!

Norma Way to recommend a book Jane! :) You've made me laugh.

Carrie I liked this one. I bought into the angst better than I usually can in romance novels. While not totally believable, it was realistic, if that makes sense. Probably not. I'm doing about as well as Jane in recommending the book! LOL!

Norma So basically you both think I should maybe read this book. But maybe not. I have it here, so I'm sure I'll get to it eventually. Especially since I had wanted to read the next few in the series. And I think I have them all--or most anyway.

Jane Stewart This whole conversation is wacky. Gave me some laughs. Real good Carrie: not believable but yes realistic. Love it. Way to go Norma!

Carrie In self defense (she sniffed), what I meant was--I don't think the 17 year separation or even the age difference was that believable. BUT, if you accept that part, then the way Gerard writes the angst and the awkward reunion feels realistic...the emotions feel real, even if the situation didn't. Any clearer?? No? Yes? Or (which seems to be our favorite work here) Maybe????
;-) (he he he)

Norma LOL. You are forgiven Carrie and Jane. I will add them back into my tbr pile. O0

Jane Stewart That's a very good explanation Carrie. And I like the sniff. You are such a colorful writer. So Norma I guess I vote "yes"

Norma I just happened across this colorful and oh-so-persuasive recommendation of this book. ;) I'm back on my RS kick, so I'm going to go ahead and read this now. :)

Carrie Hi Norma! I've been thinking about you the past few days because I haven't "seen" you around much this summer. Glad to know you're alive and kickin'!

Norma Het Carrie! I've been MIA. I'm trying to find my way back now! I miss reading and chatting about books!

message 13: by Jane (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane Stewart LOL - again. Good hearing from you. I'm still kind of MIA myself for a while.

Carrie My brain's the only thing about me that's MIA. I just picked up Show No Mercy and am trying to remember the backstory from the Bodyguard series. My feeble brain isn't cooperating, though. I probably need to pull out the last one of the series to refresh my memory 'cause I have a feeling I've seen a couple of these characters before.

message 15: by Rbeey (new)

Rbeey Geeee whizzzz Jane I thought viewed an Flix...! Thanx;D

message 16: by Jane (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jane Stewart You're welcome Ruby. Thanks for writing :)

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