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Mar 02, 2011

it was ok
bookshelves: wasn-t-for-me, young-adult
Read from March 02 to 03, 2011

I spent a day and a half with Anna Godbersen and The Luxe. I don't know if I'll be going back forthe other three books. The book only closes one plot and leaves all the others w-i-d-e open. I rarely feel this 'meh' about a book. I don't think it was bad. I also don't think it was historically accurate, which killed some of my enjoyment. I don't like period novels, but if you're going to do something you ought to do it right damn it. We have girls running around for secret midnight affairs, when in reality anyone discovering any of this could've ruined their prospects for the rest of their lives.

The novel is richly descriptive. Clothing and setting were described in abundance. Physical descriptions were a bit lavish. I winced when one character described her eyes as sage-colored, but I'll live with it. Sometimes the description slowed down the story, but it never totally pulled me out of it.

I don't really like big cliffhanging novels. Loose threads are good, I like wanting to know what's coming up next, but these were gigantic cliffhangers. It felt a bit like someone dragging me by my hair toward the next book -- just a little too much. There isn't a lot of substance to the book. I don't like many of the main characters, but they're all written with flaws and they felt like spoiled, rich entitled girls and boys. If you like the period and you like Gossip Girl, as so many reviewers before me have said, then have at it.
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03/02/2011 page 128
30.0% "I don't know why I'm reading this. I don't like period novels. I watched Gossip Girl for a few seasons, but that was awhile ago. I'm pretty far in and no strong feelings. Oh well."
03/02/2011 page 294
68.0% "This book is like about the most useless types of people combined. The very rich who have done nothing but inherit or marry around for said wealth and girls who only care about their dresses and who is sleeping with who. It's supposed to be ripe with scandal from the descriptions, but I'm yawning." 1 comment
03/02/2011 page 329
76.0% "I sort of want to just read the wikipedia and spoil myself so I won't waste time on the next three novels."

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message 1: by Cory (new)

Cory I felt the exact same way with The Lying Game. It's like a whodunit gone horribly wrong.

Dinjolina I have mixed feelings about these books.
I rated them high because they were nicely written and the author was great at description but i kind of hated most of the characters.
Btw if you have a short temper with bad love endings do not read the rest of the books.
The end was was...wrong.Ever so wrong.

Lucy I don't mind bad love endings. I'm just not sure I'd ever be emotionally invested to care who ends up with who and why. It's one of those 'they all deserve each other.' No one for me to really cheer for.

Dinjolina No...I don't mind bad love endings.I mind when there is no point in them.
Like...oh now we can be together!
Do you want me to leave my wife?
Sure...well no.I am going away.
Epilogue: I never found another love like him!

Well dude!Why did you go?Duuuuh...

That kind of endings.

Lucy Seriously...? No, don't answer. I know you're not kidding.

I think those sort of endings are for the possible continuation of the series in the twilight of her career... which is probably approaching a lot more rapidly than she thinks if that was how she paid off the readers after four books and about 80 dollars over the course of half a decade.

Dinjolina Meh.
I have not read a book I really really liked since the roswell elien books. And i read those in high school.

Lucy I loved those! They probably wouldn't hold up to what I remember if I read them now. But at fifteen they were pretty made of wonderful.

Dinjolina They are still good!
They are!
I re-read them a year or so ago.
Some bits made me bristle,sure,but I... :looks right and left:... I cried again when Adam died. Remember him? The cutey that had no life? Poor thing. And when they burry him whit his toaster because most of all he liked toast! God!
Any way....
nothing new these days.
And when somebody just jump up and down over some book I have this demotivational poster in my head that shows a pic of Bella and Edward with WHEN YOU WATCH IT BACKWARDS its the same crap.
I could turn most of the books up side down and feel the same about them. :/

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