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Loving Her Crazy by Kira Archer
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it was amazing

Everything about this book appealed to me just from reading the blurb. Iris is on her way to a sunny, sand filled beach mini-vacation and can practically taste the mojitos. Nash, a Montana rancher, is on the way to his brother's college graduation. In these two, you have the required opposites attract dynamic going on. One might be inclined to automatically think, "Oh, this premise again?" Yes, this premise is used fairly frequently, I admit it. But that's because it's such a fun idea and can be written in numerous ways. In Kira's book, not once did I have the feeling like I've read this story before and that means something to me as I read a lot.

They're both ready to get their trips started. Iris because she's looking forward to the mini-vacation and will also be babysitting her godson, Tyler, while his Mom, Lena, Iris's best friend, attends Oz, her brother's, wedding. (Did you follow all that? LOL) Nash is ready to spend some time with his brother, Chase, and watch proudly as he graduates college. Of course, things can't go as planned because these two people need to get together. Well done, Fate, well done.

While sitting in the plane on the runway, Iris is going stir crazy. She tries to talk the guy next to her into faking a medical emergency, tries to make jokes, and even, for a laugh, tries to instigate a make out session with the same man. (Wait until you "meet" this passenger. Ha.) Nothing is able to distract her and now the never before a problem claustrophobia makes an appearance. Ugh. Now she's stuck, bored, and dealing with that added complication. Thankfully, things are looking up. Nash, seated behind her, thinks she's funny and "volunteers as tribute." LOL Alas, the banter between these two begins and Fate is happily rubbing her hands together in gleeful anticipation.

The plane finally gives up her hostages and they happily disembark...until they realize they aren't going anywhere due to the weather. What's a person to do while stranded in Chicago overnight? Well, if you're anything like Iris, you find out more about Nash the hottie. LOL Upon finding out he's single and up for some fun, they decide to go sightseeing, dragging Clyde and the Sloane Ranger with them. (You'll see who I mean. LOL)

Iris is my hero. She has fun wherever she goes and is able to loosen up Mr. Rule Follower and bring some chaos into his calm life. Oh, the sights that they see and the fun that they have. Warm clothes shopping at a discount store, laughing, dancing, getting to know each other, ice skating, hot chocolate, dinner, karaoke, talking, a bar fight, sexy times at the planetarium, laughing, getting kicked out of said planetarium, a Ferris Wheel ride and sexy time session, and the sad, "I don't want to let you go, but I think I have to," last time together in the gazebo. Yes, I cried a little during the gazebo scene. It was hot and so poignantly heartbreaking at the same time. *Don't judge me. Sniffle sniffle.* On a happier note, I absolutely love the nicknames they gave each other. They're cute and their own personal inside joke.

By this point, they both know they've already started something very special, yet they can't see how it would work. She's a city girl and he's a country boy. He has the family ranch that he loves and while she truly understands why it's so important to him, neither of them are sure about taking the risk of turning this into something permanent. What if as he hates ranch life? Psst...Nash has been burned before when he thought he'd found the one and she hated everything that he loved, while loving the money she assumed he had. *cough cough gold digger* Yeah, yeah, that easily told us she wasn't the one, but he was a little slower in realizing that. Pfft...silly Nash.

They're able to sit together on the plane and just be with each other, though Iris, unable to stay awake any longer after their night out, falls asleep and is devastated that she wasted their last moments together. As they say good-bye, making plans to stay in touch even though both have a feeling this is their only chance, you can feel how heartbroken they are at the thought of being separated. Iris leaves to make her plane *cue Leaving on a Jet Plane by Peter, Paul, and Mary. Haha. I just earwormed you.* and Nash leaves with his brother who met him at the airport.

Is this the end for Nash and Iris? Does Lena, Iris's best friend, talk some sense into her Does Iris get off the plane? (I know I'm showing my age here, but I can't help but remember the Friends' finale and Rachel saying "I got off the plane." LOL) Does Chase, Nash's brother, give him the verbal equivalent of a head slap? Does Nash join her on the plane? Do they catch each other in time? How long will Nash, Iris, and Chase have to stay in airport jail? Wait, what? Jail? How'd they end up in jail? Will Nash get his shoes back? Trust me, he has reasons for being shoeless. LOL The most important question though is - Will they get their HEA? Okay, okay. I'm such a softie and I can't take the begging, so I'll give you a little hint...Nash loves her crazy.

I highly recommend this book and will definitely look into others by this author. You know you need to read this book now, right? It's sweet, funny, sexy, sad, and such a great read. *adds to go-to-reread list.* Yes, I liked it that much.

**I received a copy of this book from Entangled Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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