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The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater
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Mar 01, 2011

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The Scorpio Races reminds me of the police procedure tv shows, where they've been chasing a bad guy for maybe two or three or more seasons. The good detectives finally find the bad guy, but the finding of the bad guy is a total letdown... where it lasts 2.5 seconds and that's it. That's Scorpio Races.

Since the book actually has Races in the the title I would thought that it would delve a bit more into, you know, races. Nope, I was quite disappointed to see that the races don't even start till around 380 pages. That's right, 380 pages.

I was kind of expecting the race to last a bit longer and not be so close to the end. I feared that Stiefvater would end the book with the race just starting. So you could draw your own conclusion as to who won.

I'm not a girl who's all gaga over horses. I've never read Black Beauty or My little pony (I know they have the toys, I don't know if they even wrote books about them). But having a book that makes me think of Kelpie's and Each Uisge's really drew my attention. Although Stiefvater took an entirely different approach, her water horses don't shape-shift and they can drown their rider but they seem to prefer to eat them before drowning their victims.

When I first started the book I thought it was cool that there was a story from the perspective of two boys: Sean and Puck. But wait! Puck is actually a girl! And they're going to meet through the races! And fall in love! Maybe it's cause lately, I've just become put off by YA, but whenever Puck would get all mopey about Gabe wanting to leave the island, I just wanted to shake her. At first, I didn't understand her logic that when Gabe said he was leaving the island, Puck thought the best way to make him stay was to race. After thinking about it for awhile, I realized it did have some sort of convoluted logic, but she expected him to stay after the race. Maybe younger girls could really understand her.

I found myself liking Sean and Finn (puck's brother) more. One thing that bothered me about Puck was when Finn would be worried for her and she'd lack a certain empathy for him. He's facing losing the possibility of the rest of his family and she couldn't give a whit whatsoever.

Sean kind of reminds me of the saying: he's an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a taco. Well, minus the taco part. I like the describing of Sean as having one foot on the land and on foot in the sea. I think it really fits a person who is torn between two cultures or wants. Even though, Puck's family is striving to meet ends meet, I found myself liking and understanding Sean more.

I would recommend this book for Stiefvater fans, of course, but I think horse fans would enjoy this book but not little kids, it does get a tad "gruesome" at times. The mythology was interesting, but I was also curious as to why only these horses wouldn't there be other baddies out in the great blue yonder? It was an okay read, but it didn't grab my attention like her other books.

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