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Dishwasher by Pete Jordan
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Feb 11, 2008

liked it

** spoiler alert ** man, i really wanted to like this book. i mean, i DID like this book for the first 100 pages or so--it's a highly readable account of one man's attempt to wash dishes in all 50 states, yet it's more of a meditation on the futility of working life & wage-slavery. cool, right? some parts even made me chuckle to myself.
but as time went on, i got increasingly frustrated with dishwasher pete's adult-baby-ness. and if there's one thing i hate, it's an adult baby, especially adult baby men. he talks about how cheaply he lives, but he's only able to do that on the backs of people--usually whatever lady he's dating--who feed him, let him crash on their floor (of the house/apartment that they're paying rent on, while pete pays nothing), etc.
and THEN! he eventually decides to stop dishing because he goes to a cracker barrel and sees...FAT PEOPLE?!?! THAT'S why he gives up his "career", because he doesn't want to be subservient to fat people? this literally comes out of nowhere, and it's really fucked up.
i really liked the bits of dishing history. it made me fond for my days spent next to the hobart at gay&lesbian summer camp, next to a loud landscaper dyke named kim who would bellow "we are the world" loud enough to be heard over the rinse cycle...i wish kim had written a book about her dish experiences instead.
i wouldn't say this book is a total thumbs down, because, as i said, it's highly readable & very interesting, just a little frustrating if you have adult babies in yr life.
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