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The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
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Feb 27, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 27 to March 05, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I have to say, this book is unlike any of his others books I've read, on one hand; but on another there are a lot of similarities in details. I noticed a lot of similiarites between this book and "Message in a Bottle". The main guy Taylor reminds me alot of Garrett from "Message in Bottle" with the way he takes things so calm, cool, and collective; and his bit about cooking steaks on the gril. Taylor's mom, Judy reminds me a lot of the heavy-set woman in "Message in a Bottle" and Lexie's aunt in "At First Sight" also, Denise (the main woman character) reminds me alot of the main woman character in "Message in a Bottle" when they describe the way she's dressed. Whenever I read about Denise and Kyle riding their bikes, it reminded me of Katie, Alex, and Alex's kids riding their bikes home from a carnival in "Safe Haven" Nicholas Sparks newest books. I had no idea Mitch would die, that was a shocker for me, and it's also the first part of the book that made me cry. My heart broke when I read about how his father had died, and how he blamed himself. At the end when it all comes together in the Epilouge I fell in love with their "happily ever after" story, and I was surprised (although due to foreshadowing I shouldn't have been, but I guess I didn't pay attention) that Denise had another baby, but what really got me was that the named the baby Mitch, after Taylor's best friend. There were so many parts of this movie that broke my heart, made me happy, and irritated me. I would recommend this book to ANYONE. I absolutely loved it. <3

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0.0% "Might read a few pages tonight, just finished my last book- looking for a little distraction from all the immortal books I was reading. Heading to bed soon, night bookworms<3"
02/28/2011 page 20
6.0% "Slow start..."
03/01/2011 page 25
7.0% "Still a slow start...not that I'm not enjoying it, I've just been busy as hell. :/"
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29.0% "I'm really enjoying the characters so far."
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51.0% "I'm totally in love with Taylor in this book! and I find it so inspiring how he reacts to Kyle. This book almost got me to tears once, I wonder if NS will succeed in making some tears flow, haha."
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85.0% "I'll probably finish tomorrow, this is a really great read. <3"
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106.0% "Well, the book did make me cry! which is a very rare thing to happen. I'm finishing it up now, about 30 pages left. Such a great read <3"
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Jessica This book began really slow for me too but i ended up loving it!

Ashlee Telschow Yea, I figure thats what will happen to me. Megan said it's her favorite. But my problem is I have an unhealthy addiction to this site though, so I'm always on it looking up new books/groups/writing reviews....when I SHOULD be doing homework so I can have time to actually read, lol. I know that with Safe Haven I read the first 40 pages or so, and put it down because I was bored with it...and then I picked it up 2 months later and couldn't put it down, I'm so strange with books sometimes. I did the same with The Pact, and The Guardian. I must keep reading though! I know I'll probably go over my goal of 35 books this year, I'm reading 4-5 a month and if I keep it up I'll read 48-60 this year. ;P

Jessica Dont worry i do the same thing. I FLEW through the PLL series and now im working on catching up in the house of night. I couldnt put the first few of this series down and now im having trouble getting into reading them, which is really strange for me.

Ashlee Telschow Yea, that sucks. I hope I can read them quick, because I keep hearing about how good they are so I'm eager to get started. Right now though I'm trying to finish up a couple of Nicholas Sparks books so I can return Meg's and cross them off my list. That's another part of my goal this year is to read all of Nicholas Sparks books, and a chunk of Jodi Picoult. :P

Jessica Yeah I have a goal to attempt to read all of Nicholas Sparks this year :D I have a few read but i really need to settle down and read some more. Maybe i will make one of his next. I just read like three of his in a row and needed something different.

Ashlee Telschow I'm the same way. I can't read too many of Nicholas Sparks or Jodi Picoult. They both keep their books along the same plot lines in every story. Like with Sparks it's always Distress, Tragedy, romance
and with Picoult it's tragedy and a trial, lol. Theres 7 books by him that I haven't read, and I'm sure I'll read them all this year.

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