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Hot Head by Damon Suede
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Feb 27, 2011

it was amazing
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Read in June, 2011 — I own a copy

I need to look up this Damon Suede. I need to find out if he's written anything else. I need to know if his next book's coming out.

Hot Head is the best GFY romance I've read since I started reading MM a few years ago. It's a simple story - no murder or mystery to solve, not a single gunshot or explosion, no bloodcurdling scenes. Just A Fine Romance.

I already have a soft spot for Italian heroes but I do not find redheads attractive so it took awhile for me to warm up to Griff. Once I was able to set aside my bias against pale-skinned redheads, the story gripped me by the throat heart and didn't let go even when I found myself reading what must be the longest HEA in romantic fiction - for me, anyway. I loved every page of that and was utterly satisfied when I came to the end.

Griff is battling his secret love for his best friend, almost-brother, and fellow fireman, Dante Anastagio. Griff's mother died when he was a kid, his father crawled into a world of his own and Griff was effectively looked after and loved by the loud and loving Anastagio family. Somewhere along the line Griff discovered he was feeling "feelings" for Dante and right up to where the story begins, he'd lived in dread that Dante would find out and Griff would lose the only friend he trusted and loved with all his heart.

At this point, where we, the reader comes in, poor Griff is beside himself as his desire and love for Dante reach a boiling point and Dante's family is beginning to notice something's worrying Griff. Of course they want to know what it is. They're Italian, aren't they? And Griff is family as far as they're concerned.

I wasn't sure my love of Italian men could overcome whatever loser this Dante appeared to be at first. From the blurb I knew he drags Griff into his financial problems so that was already one point lost with me. Then, later, I found out it's due to a gambling debt. Several more points vanish. But Dante isn't the loser I thought he'd be. He doesn't have a gambling habit. He doesn't even really want all those women that he, with his good looks and charm, manage to reel in no matter where he is.

This is certainly worth a reread one day, when I'm feeling low because it's such a wonderful, romantic, feel-good romance. Now off to check out who Damon Suede is...
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Nicci Great review. After reading Shattered Wings, this is just what the doctor ordered.

ElaineY Nicci wrote: "Great review. After reading Shattered Wings, this is just what the doctor ordered."

Blip wrote: "High praise, I'll have to read this one asap"

Better know that some hated it. But I agree with their criticisms...all true...but I still loved the book!

MsMiz (Tina) ElaineY wrote:
"Better know that some hated it. But I agree with their criticisms...all true...but I still loved the book! "

This is a great way to describe the feeling I got when I read this book. The discussion over here: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/... has some really great points...Yet...there was just something about this book that did it for me as well.

Nicci Better know that some hated it. But I agree with their criticisms...all true...but I still loved the book!

Good to know. Will keep me away from the reviews until I finish reading.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Good review, Elaine! Now I'm going to have to read it just to see what's going on with this one.


Ella Jane wrote: "LOL Elaine. I didn’t “hate” it (2.5 stars is between “ok” and “good” for me on the GR scale). But somehow I couldn’t quite get into it (hard to pin down why). I found the NYC firefighter world very..."

Yes! I loved and chuckled in quite a few places, too. Tbese are usually enough for me to forgive quite a lot of pet peeves and it was so in this case. One of them is the gambling issue. I rarely will read a romance where the protag gambles but in HH's case, this wasn't stated in the blurb. Another is the hackneyed 'get-them-to-do-porn-together' though this one I can like, just trite.

I actually liked the sex during the porn shoot because it wasn't meant to be romantic. I looked at it from the angle that here Griff was, the stuff of his dreams about to come true, and yet in a way he'd never want it to be. I felt for him in those scenes because I was sorry he was in love with that insensitive dolt. But the insensitive dolt has no idea his best friend is in love with him and besides, they'd always done everything together forever. So it wasn't that hard to forgive Dante, to excuse him for his idiotic idea. But 'romantic'? Not at all. I 'enjoyed' it in that I suffered with Griff and that, in that sense, made the book a success. How Griff resolved the problem of their shots being circulated over the WWW was, I agree, stretching it a little but again, I was amenable to accepting it.

Apart from the porn shoots, I found the rest of the story very, very romantic. It was sigh-worthy, sharing Griff's fairytale journey where he got his HEA.

message 7: by Ami (new)

Ami Ella Jane wrote: I’m not surprised it works for others because romances and protagonists touch us in different ways (favorite tropes & pet peeves

So VERY true. I definitely know that what works for me not necessarily for the others and vice versa. It bounds to happen, some love it and some don't. In fact, I think a book like that is more interesting than being universally loved or hated *lol*

Having said that, I don't think I'm going to read this one, though, Elaine because I can see myself having problem with it.

Sarah I agree in part with some of the criticism, but I loved this book despite that. It was was just balls out entertaining. :)

Nicci This was such a good feel book and very romantic. A breath of fresh air, and manly written.

ElaineY Nicci wrote: "This was such a good feel book and very romantic. A breath of fresh air, and manly written."

I hope DS writes another one like this!

UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish Great review, Elaine! I went to Damon Suede's website and discovered that Tommy is getting his story! That made me very happy!

I just finished this this morning and plan to re-read very soon.

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