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The Dirt on Ninth Grave by Darynda Jones
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it was amazing

It's been a month now since Charley gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, had to give her up, and then disappeared...

In small village in NY at the Fire Light Grill, Janey is the hot new waitress that can see dead people. Wow, what a coincidence, ay! Despite this fact, Janey gets along just dandy with her co-workers, Cookie, Shayla, Lewis, Erin, and Francee. Ok, not so much with Erin or Francee, but that's only cause they're super jealous of her! Wait, Cookie? Isn't that Charley's best friends name? Hmmm... So at the diner Charley, I mean Janey has her regular customers, Osh, this very young but handsome young man, Garret, Reyes, and lets not forget Cookie's husband Bobert, Robert, Bob, oh who the hell knows anymore! As Janey gets into the groove of things, she begins Charley's old habits of “helping” the departed. With Charley having complete amnesia, this makes for a whole new kind of hilarious, while she tries to figure out clues that she keeps picking up on.

Charley Davidson woke up in an alley, cold and soaked from the NY! Having no clue her name or anything to do with her personal life, she was taken in by Dixie, the owner of the Fire Light Grill in Sleepy Hollow. Charley's dreamy man squeeze Reyes located her right away, but when he discovered she had no memory of him or anyone else, he decided to leave her there but join her along with her inner circle of peeps to keep an eye on her and maybe help jog her memory back with their presence. The dopes kept slipping and calling her Charley, and Dutch throughout the story, as well as her overhearing conversations about keeping things on the down low in front of her. They are the worst covert ops unit I have ever met! During Charley's probing, she would come so close to the edge of her memories, which would tail spin her into a full blown panic attack and a devastating sense of loss. This happens on more than one occasion, which had me in tears. Each time this happened, I couldn't help but feel her pain and think that this is it, she's going to remember and lose her shit, but then no she doesn't. This was absolute torture! I knew eventually she would remember, and the anticipation of how she was going to react to losing B.E.P., (aka Charley's baby girl Elwin Alexandra) was what had me so uptight.

I was loving the new scenery in NY, and the interesting and funny new characters it brought along with it! In the short time Charley, aka Janey was there, she made some serious bonds. I was so touched with how she helped Erin and her husband with their problem. As well as Lewis and Shayla. The funny competition she had going on with Francee over Reyes, and her constant theft of her neighbors car when the poor old woman was sleeping, lol! The problem with this book is that there is no “but, I didn't like...”, if you want to call that a problem. There were some sad moments, and an “oh shit” moment, but that only enhanced the depth of the story line, and my entertainment value. So prepare yourselves Grimlets, cause there is some major shit that will be going down soon, and you will want a front row seat for it!

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Lorelei King, one word “AMAZING!”.
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