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The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
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Feb 27, 2011

did not like it
Read from February 27 to March 03, 2011

My problem with this book - I just didn't care!

Now, I know that sounds terrible but first let me explain what I mean by it.
I had no idea what The Replacement was about when I began to read. I mean, obviously I'd read the blurb but I had purposefully avoided reviews due to the danger of it being spoiled for me. So, I had a very open mind about it.

First off, Mackie.
I just did not get the guy. Normally, I love reading from a guy's perspective. I find it extremely interesting and all round exciting. Not with Mackie. Nope. He was emotionless and just...blank. He had no spark to him like at all! His feelings for Tate? I didn't have a clue. His feelings for Alice? Nope, not a clue (except for when he was looking at her cleavage or commenting on her legs, I mean, seriously? That was the extent of his attraction? Did not get it. Couldn't tell whether he liked her or not). He left me feeling utterly confused. And I got it by the end that he couldn't let people love him but come on ! Yovanoff, you gave me nothing to work with here! He was a shell! Even if he was a Replacement and different, it was plain weird. I had no idea what he was thinking or why he was being a prat to people (except Emma, I adored their relationship)

In case I'm in danger of sounding harsh, I'll make it clearer. I liked Mackie in the way that I like chocolate ice cream - I don't love it. I won't choose to eat it if there's a choice. But if it's the only flavour left then sure, I'll have it. He was not mint ice cream, let's put it that way. (I have no idea why I am making ice cream analogies right now.)

Secondly, whatever else I can think of
Okay, so, the whole novel was working up to the major huge moment and I was all excited. Then I was just like WHAT? WHERE HAS SENSE GONE? THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE. I got the whole Replacement stuff and trading Natalie and the Cutter, yeah I get all of that. What don't I get? I hear you asking. I did not give a flying eff about whether Mackie lived or died. No scrap that, I WOULDN'T HAVE CARED IF ANY CHARACTER HAD DIED. That is how little I cared. Let it be Tate or Roswell or Mackie or the twins, I just did not care about any of them. No emotional attachment. Oh yeah and this is coming from someone who cries at TV adverts and almost every book that I read!
Yovanoff! You gave me nothing here! No character felt real! I mean, let's talk Roswell, who the eff is friends with someone so weird and doesn't ask any questions?! ARE YOU FOR REAL? Mackie was acting CRAZY and Roswell was all chilled about it like yeah this is totally normal. NO! It was not normal. It was overly strange. GET WITH IT ROSWELL.

Another point
When Mackie suddenly realised how much mutual love there was in the air for all of his friends and him. Did I find that touching? Uh, nope. Do I wish I had've found it touching? YES! I read the last chapter and had to stop myself from laughing! Also, may I please point something out? Yes I shall 'cause it's my review.

"How is it, having Natalie back?"
Tate laughed, shaking her head. Then she stopped and took a deep breath. "It's wonderful, and it's scary. I never realized it, but I kind of got used to not having her..."

WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING? Someone please enlighten me about any moment in the book where Tate was not going absolutely crazy and insulting Mackie as she tried to get her sister back?! She never ONCE acted like she was used to her sister being gone! ngrejkagnqalkv ajk eab <--- my head bashing against the keyboard due to frustration.

Okay, but Tate also had my favourite part in the entire book! Yeah you know what I'm talking about! WHEN SHE BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF THE CUTTER. Oh god, that was so epic. So badass. I loved her in that moment. She showed more guts than Mackie had throughout the novel. I REQUEST A TATE BOOK (WITHOUT MACKIE IN IT) WHERE SHE JUST KICKS ASS ALL THE TIME.

RIGHT. So I'm wrapping this up. In basic terms, this book was enjoyable. I liked it, honestly I did. I reviews the parts I didn't like because they are what stayed in my mind. (Oh yeah, how could I forget the make out scene which happened when we were still not aware if Mackie's emotional range was more than a dustbins) That was a good scene...sort of. Interruption much?

Anyway, the writing was great! The storyline...pretty good. Main character? Well, you already know my opinion on that one. Tate? Excellent. That girl kicks so much ass (fight with Alice anyone, hell yeah!)
There may be weaknesses in the story but some parts were real page turners.
I don't know whether to recommend this or not...I guess so. I mean, Mackie isn't as bad as you might think from reading this. He was sometimes amusing and sometimes did man up (offering himself for sacrifice etc.) but I'm really truly sorry to say this, you could tell that the author was not male like the protagonist. Sorry, I had to say it. And I am not just being mean because I LOVED White Cat by Holly Black. Not mean, just honest.

Having said all of this, I would definitely read other books by Yovanoff but would be more tempted if they were not in the male perspective.

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