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Nothing Gold Can Stay by Dana Stabenow
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Feb 26, 2011

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bookshelves: detective-bounty-hunter, family, nature, romance, romance-mystery
Read from April 29 to May 01, 2011

** spoiler alert ** Wynet and Liam, Tim, Billie and Moses, Amanda, crazy bad guy, victim, John and ???

Wynet & Liam's relationship is moving forward... Liam is staying with Wy - in the camper when Tim is there, in her bed with Tim is away... Liam tells her over & over he loves her when he is afraid their plane is going to crash... and then Wy finally tells him the truth, that she had been married, had been pregnant, lost the baby, and cannot get pregnant... Liam withdraws for a bit, but he tells her because she did not trust him to tell him the truth before... and at the end, Wy tells Liam she loves him... ahhhh

Tim is doing better - he's been at Eskimo camp, returns, but his biological mother wants to see him - she has a camp order for supervised visits because she has been sober... Liam & Billie & Moses decide to take him to Moses' fishing camp until school starts - and they are fairly certain that she will start drinking soon. Billie & Moses also take Amanda to camp... she is 17, married 5 months to an abusive man, drinking and driving 3 times this week...Moses uses tough love - having them in tai chi type exercies of posing for an hour, then movements... and Moses shares with Billie how the voices are always with him, feared by his family... 2 stints in psychiatric programs (they didn't help)... joined the army, learned his versionof tai chi overseas - the 1st that separated th voices out... as does being with Billie...

In the mean time, crazy man is looking for Emily/wife #20 - he has killed 19 Emilys and buried them... when he finds another woman, she becomes Emily, needing his protection and direction... he kidnaps them and terrorizes them to stay in his hidden cabin while he provides for them, and they cook & serve him - including in bed... he kills one of the postmaster on Wy's mail delivery... and then many miles away (so that it is hard for Liam to think it is the same man), he kidnaps the wife of a gold looker... the husband & wife have spent the summer in the cabin he bought (selling their home without telling her).. She is there because she loves her husband and wants him to be happy, but when he says he wants to stay there year round, she makes it clear she is returning home when Wy/pilot comes for them... but then the crazy man kills her husband, and takes her... they hide from the search planes that are looking for her - and there is no evidence that she had been taken forcibly - Liam and Prince (his partner, et al aren't sure what happened to her...

Wy & Liam return to the cabin a few days later looking for the wife, and their plane has trouble Wy gets them landed while Liam is telling her he loves her, over and over, not wanting to die before telling her... Liam is afraid of planes... Wy finally confides to him that she had been married, pregnant, lost the baby, told she couldn't have children, divorced...

At fishing camp, Amanda is getting stronger, and says she will not return to her husband... after a tough physcial work out with Moses, they are sent to the lake to cool down... where the peel down to their scivvies and play like children... when they return to the cabin the see Billie and Moses having sex on the porch and they sneak away... turned on, they turn to each other (a 13 year old and a 17 year old?) but perhaps that;s what she needs... Amanda is amazed having seen Billie & Moses that sex is different than what she has had - it doesn't have to hurt... reinforced by having gentle sex with Tim twice... and she spends a bit of time talking with Billie later, strenghthening her resolve to deserve better. Billie asks if Moses voices see good things for them, but sadly he does not - though he tries to reaasure her & himself that sometimes free will trumps his voices j- poor Tim... hmmmm

and Wy's best friend, report ______ and Liam's best friend, John show up with their boy/girl friends... and by the end of their uneasy visit (they do not like one another), they have puzzled together a list of dozen plus women in the last 20 years that have disappeared - their disappearance chalked up to the bush - and there is a spark between them started hmmmm....

When a 3rd body is found in the area, and in the midst of a growing strom, they attribute it to the same man, and Wy flies herself & Liam to the fishing camp - fearful that the killer is in their neighborhood, and they need to protect tim... and the woman has left the cabin, found 19 graves of other Emilias, sprays windex in the bad guys eyes, and runs... 24 hours later, amidst the storm, she finds the fishing cabin and they take her in... Wy & Liam show up... and then the crazy guy shows up... Moses invites him in out of the cold (why didn't he listen to his voices this time?) before Liam can stop him... there is a struggle - Amanda is shot dead, Moses shot, but not badly, Liam choked, but the bad guy finally taken down...

One of the Emily's was a tutor of Tim when he was younger, the only sane person in his life that encouraged him and taught him how to learn, how to read, how to speak Eskimo... Wy listens when Tim shares his memories of him, and takes two weeks to track down her parents, get picture of her, and present it framed to Time, who then hugs her with tears... Liam observes and later tells her that she sees a problem, and takes action to address it - Wy appreciates that he knows her so well, though others seem to miss it... she reflects about Tim's mother, thinks about how her life would have been different if she knew her father, ifher mother had been different, and how her adopted parents loved her.... and she invites Tim's mother over, when Tim is in school - and she opens the door to her... hmmmm... The story ends with Prince being offered department PR position (after Liam sends her to dialog with reporters over the seriel killer), she turns down... Liam is promoted to sargaent and asked to return to Anchorage (we don't know his answer), and Wy tells Liam she loves him...

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