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The Mortal Instruments Boxed Set by Cassandra Clare
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Feb 25, 2011

Are you looking for adventure, romance, fantasy, and some kick butt action scenes? Well, The Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare has it all. The plot will keep you on your toes, and unable to put the book down. It personally took me a little under three days to finish all currently published books. They aren’t that quick a read, having a few hundred pages each, which most leisurely readers find pleasant.
The Mortal Instruments currently has three books in circulation, the fourth of which is coming out April 5th of this year. Clare’s books have made their way into many a best seller list, as well as home. Published in at least six languages and twenty-six countries this series is widely popular and mainstream. As a personal rule I do not read mainstream books because the hype about them is ridiculous, I didn’t read Meyer’s Twilight until about three years after publication nor did I finish the last book due to the mainstream effect. Cassandra is one of the few authors I have cast my rule away for, having started to read her work a short while after City of Ashes, the second of her series was published.
This isn’t your mom’s fantasy, though you should have her read it, she might like it too. Set in the heart of New York we see the urban fantasy that has taken a big step onto shelves everywhere. Clary is our heroine, and with best friend Simon in tow; she sees the world for what it really is. Clary’s life takes turn after turn after that fateful she encounters Jace and the other Shadowhunters. With adventure full of vampires, demons, magic, and other various “Downworlders” Clary’s life is turned upside down, flipped on it’s side, then turned again.
Clary is fifteen and living in Brooklyn with her mother Jocelyn. She’s grown up without a father, but has family friend Luke to fall back on when the father shoes must be filled. One night Clary and Simon check out Pandemonium, a popular club where their lives change forever. Clary sees something she shouldn’t have, or should I say people? Standing in an off limits zone Clary stares at Jace Wayland, along with his fellow Shadowhunters Alec and Isabella Lightwood. The weird thing; Simon couldn’t see them. Thanks to this one in a million chance Clary’s world unravels, her mom is missing, and Clary is given a crash course about the world she lives in; which leads her to question her very identity along with a relationship with the snaky blonde heartthrob Jace. That’s just the first book, looks like you’ve got an adventure on your hands!
What’s this? There’s a baddy? That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there’s a bad guy in the form Valentine, resident nut job. A very Hitler Esq. nut job in my personal opinion, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles for this obscenely smart, insane character. Valentine ran a secret group of Shadowhunters who lived to rid the world of Downworlders, talk about teenage rebellion, but that’s in the past… right?
The third book, City of Glass is seriously action packed, with a big battle, character development, some rather large twists that’ll make you say “ wait… what?” and some witty sarcasm that’ll make you giggle. Jaces’ particular brand of humor will make readers giggle through out the whole series, but anyone who’s really read and analyzed The Mortal Instruments will say it’s a defense mechanism.
The Mortal Instruments really has a lot of the characteristics I look for in the YA (Young Adult) books I read. Romance, action, length, some fun humor, and makes you think. Cassandra also put a lot of effort into linking the legends in her books to actual world legends and myth, talk about dedication. That’s something I really like in an author, when you find something interesting; they make it possible to find out more. Give Clare’s work a shot, you might like it; I know I did!
I don’t know about you, but I always like to read the book before the movie, and while doing a little bit of refresher stuff on the official website I found that a movie is in the works. The film rights to Cassie Clare’s best selling series were optioned by Unique Features. The director will be Scott Charles Stewart, and the ever talented Jessica Postigo as screenwriter. Fans of The Blind Side (11/20/09) will be happy to know that the lovely Lily Collins has already been cast as our heroine. According to Collin’s IMDb the movie, which is currently in pre-production should be coming out in 2012. Cassie Clare’s official fan site, Mundie Source shed a bit more light on the subject. Filming, says Collins, is to begin in April. This piece of information can be found next to Alex Pettyfers’ face in the January 2011 archive.
To find out more about Mundie Source check out -

For The Mortal Instruments website for facts, Cassie’s blog and more -

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Chisom This i have to say was one of my favorite series. The best i've read so far. I just loved the romance between Jace and Clary and all the magical and adventures things that happened. And that's not even it. This book has such humorous and crazy things going on. I had to read the third book 3 times to understand how they ended up not being brothers and sisters. It is a wonderful book and i give it 5 stars. Now i just can't wait for the fourth book! I know it's going to be just as great. Cassandra Clare is a genius!

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Sarah Chisom wrote: "This i have to say was one of my favorite series. The best i've read so far. I just loved the romance between Jace and Clary and all the magical and adventures things that happened. And that's not..."

I know right!? i did a few hours of research to write this review and i'm super excited for the next book! The movie should prove to be interesting and entertaining too. ( i really hope the guy who plays king arthur in Merlin will be Jace ) i'm read the whole series a few times myself, it's hard to distinguish my favorite =)

message 3: by Liv (new) - rated it 5 stars

Liv Grey I finished them in 3 days too! I'm glad I'm not the only extreme bookworm out there! (All six books)

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