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Reckoning by Lili St. Crow
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Feb 25, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: vampires, werewolves-wolfes-shifters, dissapointed, paranormal
Read from October 26 to 27, 2011

RATING: 1.5 out of 5

Well that was shit. Terrible. How can you have such an awesome series of books and end it with this. This book does not do the series justice and honestly, i really didnt like it. It had a shit ending and it was just errr crappy crapp crapp!!!!!

Want to know who she ended up with: Team (view spoiler)

This novel centered around Dru running away from all the dhampirs that are after her on Sergej's orders and shes just running for her life most of the novel and when she isnt doing that shes fighting for her life, and of course the books ends predictably with Dru (view spoiler)

Im sooo dissapointed with this book, i really didn't like it. I wish i never read it, as it now ruins the entire series for me knowing that this is how it all ended... You know what else you didnt even find out what Dru's full name is!!! I thought we would have found out but noooooo you don't! I can't believe how pissed of I am. Stupid book.
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Naomi yeah i'm having a bout of depression just thinking about it! Gonna miss Dru:o(

Katherine me too..

Mada I completly share your disappointment. This is definietly NOT the way to finish a series. I have a strange feeling that it's just an opening for a new book...

Katherine im glad i wasnt the only one to be dissapointed.
If she does i hope she does a better job than this novel and picks a guy for her to end up with and reveal her whole name, in the last bit of the novel where graves asks her whats her full name she says, ill tell you when you get bsck. So maybe the novel will be from a different characters point of view?

Wendy Darling Ugh. Totally, totally agree with you. What a waste of a fun series.

Becky It definitely didn't feel like an ending, which is weird since St. Crow has said that she doesn't want to write anymore books centered on Dru. This book REALLY didn't fit with the rest of the books, as the ending was unexpectedly angsty. I mean, Dru was totally willing to hook up with either guy when Sergej was chasing her... but now that he's gone and she actually has some peace, she realizes that she's not ready after all? What?

And don't even get me started on the COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER way she got rid of Graves. I would have much preferred a "let's just be friends" ending for them than a "You're too perfect for me to be with you" ending.

Katherine haha, becky you are soo right!! The ending sucked big time! So she said she doesnt want to do any books cnetered on Dru, but does that mean that she might do some more books centered from Graves or Chris's pov ??
I agree, she was kissing and telling the boys she loved them, then shut them both down and it was just eghhh :S stupidddddd.

Mada Dru was known rather for her acting by heart, not thinking through her decisions... If I remember correctly only Chris caused in Dru the thrilling sensations - just by touching her. Kissing Graves was just 'nice'. In this case the choice should be obvious... But better let's give hope for both guys, why don't we?
Maybe that was suposed to be an unexpected ending? Something to surprise readers? Or maybe a way to show that being an adult (as Dru claims to be one) changes you character 180 degrees?
No matter the reason, this ending just doesn't fit.

Becky Dru was pretty clear in this book that she didn't really want to be with Christophe, though. She mentions that she thinks he was only interested in her because of her mother, and something about her killing Sergej (I honestly skimmed over a LOT of this book once I knew the ending, ha.)

Basically, the guy Dru is leaning towards leaves her, and she's kind of just stuck with Nat and the Order (and Christophe just sort waits, even though she doesn't really encourage his interest) at the end. It was just a weird and kind of lackluster ending, honestly.

Katherine Both of you make great points, yes touching chris gives her sensations and kissing him was really good - but your right she still had that underlinging thought that he was too old for her and it was kinda creepy because he liked her mum. Graves was her best friend and isnt that always the case where you think you have feelings for your guy best friend but your not sure if those feelings are right. Then he leaves her in the end of the novel because hes broken and needs to mend himself so he will be good enough for her :S so when did he care in the previous novels about being good enough for her. Also if Dru didnt want to be with Chris why give him hope by telling him maybe. thats just cruel after he pretty much nearly died for her by giving her almost all of his blood. Its all so stupid and makes no sense, its almost as if this book has been written by someone else, very silly.

Becky I definitely thought Dru was being unnecessarily cruel at the end to Christophe, and honestly, she even seemed aware of it while she did it! If she's so grown up, why not be honest, even if it hurts to say it?

The Graves-not-being-good-enough for Dru thing was out of left field, I thought. I understood it in the context of Sergej and his torturing Graves, but Dru and Graves were friends well before they saw each other as romantic interests. It would have made way more sense for him to work through it with Dru AND the Wulfen, and have them stick with being friends for the foreseeable future.

Katherine your defiantly right Becky; if Dru is so much mature now, and knows shes not interested in chris in that way she should have maned up and told him the truth, that there was no chance for the too of them - i mean why give him a maybe if shes only interested and 'in love' with graves.

I agree, it would have made more sense for Dru and Graves to work though him pain together, instead of him leaving her on her own. Maybe you should have written the novel Becky, what your saying makes more sense than what st.crow has written :P

message 13: by Ivy (new)

Ivy How do you all know how it ends? It hasn't even been released yet. Does she really end up with no one?

Katherine its been released in australia already, been out sine wednesday. Yer it ends with her being with none of them.

message 15: by Ivy (new)

Ivy Huh, I didn't know that. Thanks for the review, I can't believe she ended it like that, what a joke. I don't think I'll bother reading it.

Katherine haha no problems Ivy, and yer if you want to still have a high opinon of the novels dont bother reading this one. Don't waste your time.

Becky Unfortunately, it was a crappy ending to a promising series. I think she's starting another YA series, but after being burned with such a half-hearted ending this time, I think I'll be passing. ;)

message 18: by Mada (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mada Well, 1st book was a little over-talked on missing her awsome dad subject and the last one had crappy ending. The middle was ok. Sure you wanna miss it?

Besides: We can always forget and reimagine the ending!
C'mon girls: Christophe or Graves?

Becky LOL. Yeah, I remember she angsted a lot over her dad in the first book, and proceeded to forget he existed until the end of the very last book.

Katherine becky you are soo right, i dont think i will tune into her new series, not after the way she finished this one off. Christopher or Graves, i dont know - i always liked Graves as her best friend and i like personality christopher better and would pick him, but i do think Graves and Dru defiantly have a better connection. Your thoughts ladies?

Bianca I share your pain. My review is much the same. The ending was a load of crap. Ruined the series.

Bianca Oh and for me team Christophe, but I could have accepted her and Graves even though it is the opposite of what I wanted, at least it would be someone.

Katherine haha bianca i agree, it was crappy
and yer chris was much more sexy in my opinion :P

message 24: by Mada (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mada I come from Poland and only Christophe can speak Polish (although not as well as ms Saintcrow leads us to believe; he definietly has major problems with declination as well as Dru father's Polish friend) so it's an obvious choice. 'Ukochana' from Polish and 'milna' from other slavic language means 'my beloved' - he was definietly on track before Graves realized there was an option... And yes I would have tolerated Graves if she had chosen him if only the ending was better!

Bianca Ohh I never bothered to look those words up. Nawhhh that only makes me madder for some reason, how cute that he calls her that. :D

Bianca Mada wrote: "Dru was known rather for her acting by heart, not thinking through her decisions... If I remember correctly only Chris caused in Dru the thrilling sensations - just by touching her. Kissing Graves ..."

Agreed. Haha yeah let's lead them both on. You're right it was unexpected. Ha unexpectedly crap. I agree with you this ending just doesn't work for me. :)

Amanda The Book Slayer All I could think was WTF? Horrible ending. It reminded me of Wolfcry. I was pissed at that ending as well I want to know why her and her editor thought this book was ready to put out there?

Bianca Yes, how can she think almost ANYONE could be happy with it? Yeahh it sucks when the girl doesn't pick the guy you want her to (Yes Calla from Nightshade I'm glaring at you) But at least they make a choice.

Katherine haha you girls are so right! Its like St Crow didnt know what to right, so she just wrote pages of bullshit and made everyone hate it. Oh Bianca have you read bloodrose? I havnt read it yet so dont say anything haha. Your right though, she should have made a choice! Also what annoyed me the most was Dru's name, i wanted to know what her full name was..

Bianca Hahaha yess I have! You will be surprised!!!!!! hahaha you will have to let me know what you think after you read it. :) Yess St. Crow mucked up big time!

Hannah Davis I literally could not agree more. It really pisses me off! It's like Saintcrow decided she was done writing and just wanted it to end! It was freaking ridiculous!

Katherine too right Hannah!

Louisa Here's a link for St. Clair's blog about why Dru didn't pick one of them: http://www.lilithsaintcrow.com/journa...

I myself have only read the first 2 books, but I'd like to read all 5 :)

Maria I soooo agree thats why i believe that graves comes back for her and we find out her name but you know the author can't even give us that!!!!

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