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Feb 25, 2011

(Review from the author)
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How this story came to be...

In 2007, I believe it was at Christmas time, I wrote a flash fiction story for a friend. Called "A Date" and just under 1500 words, it told the story of two Special Enforcers - the vampire hunters in my writing universe. One of them returned home after being turned into a vampire, and that first confrontation included declarations of love, a crossbow being fired, and a promise of a battle to the death - the 'date' of the title.

The story stayed at the back of my mind for a couple of years, nagging me every so often. Were the characters really going to fight until one of them died? Or had the vampire returned for something else, maybe?

I finally sat down to continue the story... and found out right away that I was blocked. I had shown the vampire so angry, so bloodthirsty, that I just couldn't pick things up and aim for the happy ending I had in mind.

Back to the drawing board, then. The newly-turned vampire, who had been the man in the original flash fiction, took a softer side when he became the woman. She's still as strong as the original version of the character, just as determined, but her agenda is definitely more ambiguous.

Like in the original flash fiction, for part of the story the characters are on either side of the magical barrier that keep vampires out of homes unless invited to enter. Unlike in the original version however, the vampire finally does enter, and the promised fight happens... just not with the promised ending.

If you would like to see what the first version looked like, you can find it on my website.
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