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Love on the Job by Chihiro Harumi
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Jan 11, 2016

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Not For the Faint of Heart - Love on the Job vol. 1

So for a while when money was flowing a bit more than it is now, I picked up a bunch of naughty manga of the hentai and yaoi varieties (as one does), and this was one of them. Years pass and I'm looking at my shelf and realized that I had never actually gotten around to, you know, reading this one. Which, all right, surprise hentai! I think I had sort of been avoiding it because the early Project H stuff had a tendency to be a bit dull and there's definitely more now for fans of spec, but whatever the case I was rather pleasantly surprised that this really is a cute romp of a hentai filled with a young couple not treating each other terribly. Which, doubt all right!

The plot is a bit...well, it's not exactly the deepest of wells, with the two main characters going to work for rival companies and finding out that there's a strict "thou shalt not have sex with people from that other company" mandate in place that causes all sorts of conflict. And yes, it's sort of a dumb setup because you'd think that a company that cares SO MUCH would be able to and would actually check up on its employees, but it's played more for ridiculousness than real serious drama so I just went with it and I recommend everyone do the same. It's fun and it's silly and it leads to tons of awkward encounters, so it works for what the story needs, which is a plot device to put in some tension between sex scenes.

The two main characters are super cute and committed to one another, though, which is quite a relief, and it's nice to see just a happy-sex book not really trying to be anything but. There are of course people who are trying to have sex with both the man and the woman, but it's infinitely refreshing to see that there are no "well I have to have sex with this person to keep up the illusion and then lie about it and have it eat away at the relationship" and there is no double standard where the dude gets to have all the sex with different people but the woman must remain pure. The vast majority of sex in the book is between just the two main characters, and that's quite fine, because there is A LOT of it and it's well rendered and passionate and fun.

Now, this is a censored manga (as most of the Project H is, especially earlier entries like this one), but the art does a lot to get around that. There is a lot of variety to the sex being had and the couple is obviously quite into each other and reveling in the freedom of having some fine sextimes. The story might be little more than filler between sexual encounters but the characters are cute and the situations are normally at the very least entertaining. And side characters aren't all immediately shoehorned into sex and so are allowed to do more of their own thing. There are a few...less than ideal aspects to the volume (all male characters interacting with the female come off as creepy and all the female characters interacting with the male seem a bit...well, not always the best portrayed). Still and all, it's not an overly offensive book and the sex is fun and the plot is mostly adorable. It's what it seems to be, a sexual romp. And for me that's worth a 6.25/10.
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100.0% "This could have been so much worse. It's actually kinda sweet and the couple works quite well. The plot is predictably crazy, but not terrible, and tons of sex. Not bad at all."
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