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The Gentlemen's Alliance †, Vol. 1 by Arina Tanemura
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Feb 25, 2011

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When I first received this book, I wasn't sure what to think. I won this copy in a raffle at an English edition release of one of the author's other series. With a little bit of trepidation because it is listed as a shoujo and looked to be a possible romance, which I don't really care for typically, I began reading my signed copy. Before I knew what had occurred, a couple hours had passed before I finished the book. What amazed me most was how long it took me to read the story. Normally a manga that size I would finish in about 30 minutes. There was enough intrigue and decent drawings that I found myself making sure I really looked at the pages as I read them. I am going to have to get vol 2, too bad it isn't likely I would get that volume signed.

Ok, that wasn't really a review as such.

The story takes place at an exclusive private school. Each student's family is already in a place of power and on the rich side. Inside the school, there are several 'levels' to the student structure. Bronze students are basic students, while Silver students enjoy a few privileges. The most elite, rich and powerful students are Gold. Students can earn points to raise in level, but the quickest way to achieve higher levels is via donations from the wealthy families. Our story follows a young lady who helps her family by working part-time jobs and is one of the bronze students. There is only one Gold student in the school and he has a special entrance and is called the Emperor. Of course, our "heroine" is obsessed with him (Not in love, no, not that!) because he helped her randomly when they were younger.

The story starts a bit slow, telling a little about the school and students and how they interact, and then our little lady begins climbing the social ladder... completely by accident of course.

The Emperor is cool. Literally. He keeps a stony unaffected mask and is the head of the student council. Nearly everyone respects him for his status and his leadership.

When our two heroes begin interacting, that is when the story begins to take off.

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