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Blinke It Away by Victoria Landis
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Jan 10, 2016

really liked it

** spoiler alert ** Blinke It Away

Book Description
It's an idyllic day on Oahu until Bess Blinke interrupts a bizarre robbery that ends in homicide. In the following days, she discovers terrible secrets tied to the crime, and her world unravels. When the killer realizes the depth of what she knows and comes after her, she runs, hides, and plots to reveal the truth and expose the brutal force behind several murders.

My Review
This was a great, fast moving thriller! Bess and her best friend Jenny are at the park with her nephew and Jenny's 4 children. Jenny seems distracted but Bess thinks nothing of it. When Jenny disappears, Bess can't understand why she would leave her children whom she loved dearly! When she finds her dead, she can't know that this is just the beginning. What she finds out puts her life in danger and changes everything she thought about her best friend. Even so Bess is determined to bring down the people who did this, even when she finds out who exactly this was. Constant action, great believable characters and an awesome story make this book fantastic!

From a Christian Perspective
In this book I was impressed by the theme of doing what's right even if it may hurt you. I think this is what Jesus exemplified. He came to the world knowing he was going to die, because we are a sinful people. But He came! I'm not comparing Bess and her friend/family to Jesus, but I want to emphasize the point of doing what's right. As a Christian, I'm a little concerned that when she died, Quinn, Bess' nephew said she was in heaven. Not to be judgmental, but the bible tells us that the only way into heaven is through Jesus. There was not mention of Him so we don't know what Jenny's relationship was or if she is in Heaven. I know that's picky but as a Christian I think we need to be aware that not everyone who dies is going to Heaven. They must have a relationship with Christ while they are living to go to Heaven. What are your thoughts on this?

This is a book from my personal Kindle Collection. All opinions expressed are my own.

Love and Blessings!

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