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Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
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really liked it
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Falling Kingdoms: 4.5 stars
"Magic will find those with pure hearts, even when all seems lost.”
This has become an instant new YA fantasy favourite!
Why you need to pick it up now:
• detailed characters with flaws (that you learn to accept) and vulnerabilities
• twists and turns in every corner
• lies, betrayal and shocking plot twists
• unexpected love
• that world-building
• the fact that violence isn't sugar-coated
• magical element that is pulled off amazingly
• truly complex villains who are quite scary
• THAT cliff-hanger (thank the gods I have the second book)
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Shit, I am literally becoming Falling Kingdoms trash as the minutes pass by. I definitely did not expect to be sucked into this dizzying, dark and addictive world as quickly as I did. But I guess I am becoming more patient when it comes to fantasy series as I managed to keep an open mind throughout the beginning and managed to get completely addicted to this story. For some this may have been quite slow paced but I was not really faced with this problem as I pretty much flew through this gem. Everything about this book is gripping and once you give it some time it is bound to hook you. All the characters have different point of views and perspectives and beliefs yet somehow their stories came together.


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It is a prosperous kingdom which is very peaceful, ruled by King Corvin. The kingdom is wealthy and blessed with resources. It is said to be absolutely beautiful.
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The kingdom of Limeros is not doing so well, partly because its being ruled by the cruel and iron fisted, King Gaius (AKA King of Blood and Worst Father EVER). They are pretty much starving and the conditions and climate there are harsh, as it is pretty much always winter.

 photo desert_landscape_by_rambled-d5s0cib_zpspuz9yyr4.jpg

Paelsia is more of a midland which is barren and like a desert with no king and ruled over by a chieftain. It is said to be inhabited by savages.

The political tensions in this book made for a major portion of the plotline. The kingdoms of Auranos has been taxing Paelsia harshly and it was pretty much a dying land with people starving everywhere. A revolution is started pretty much since the first few chapters after a tragic incident that causes Jonas to lash out.


Jonas Agallon

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I felt bad for Jonas since the moment I met him. His character has to face such tragic situations since the beginning that I feel like hugging him. Although, he becomes kind of intense and hateful in the middle probably because of all that he has been going through. However, he redeems himself at the end. Poor him :’( he deserves better!

Lucia Damora
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TBH I have not yet felt any close connection to Lucia. I do however feel really really bad for her. She was stolen from her real parents and her current parents only like her for what she can do and her powers. The only person who she really likes is well…. (view spoiler) Her powers are very interesting to look at. The way she grows and understands her full potential is super cool. I can’t wait for her to grow and see where she heads for the future.

Cleiona Bellos
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At the very beginning I did not like her character at all. I thought that she was immature pretty much a brat and really annoying. But obviously, I was proven wrong she changed for the better by so much! The ordeals that she had to go through was heartbreaking and I have definitely started to love and appreciate her character a lot more now. She is headstrong and deeply loyal to those she loves and I’m really glad to have watched her grow for the better. She is definitely a better person at the end of the book.

Magnus Damora
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Needless, to say I was obviously EXTREMELY creeped out by Magnus in the beginning of the book. But he has managed to win me over somehow and I truly feel sorry for him. That does not mean what he has done in the beginning was okay but I think he has managed to get a bit better and I have started to like him a lot more. (view spoiler). Also he pretends to be all indifferent and icy about everything but he is such an emotional person that he is really winning me over. Also that amount of sass and sarcasm is bound to make me like him at some point.

The Ending AND other stuff: (kind of spoilery ahead)

CAN I just talk about how cool that ending was OMG. I definitely did not expect the war to be in this book I thought it was going to build up to the war which would be the main storyline in the next boo or something but Bam we see the war in this book. The war scenes were super fast paced and exciting but it along with King Gaius also kind of had me like
 photo giphy_zpsyzlvemxz.gif
*mostly me when reading about how much of an asshole King Gaius was

ALSO holy crap I was super amazed by how cool Lucia was towards the end when she pretty much blew up the whole door that lead into Auranos castle.
 photo Morgana-3-the-girls-from-bbc-merlin-24551174-500-281_zpsy2kk2u70.gif

AND OMG THE very ending! I thought that Cleo could at least manage to run away. It was kinda stupid that she was there waiting to be captured hiding under a cloak while listening to King Gaius make a speech. Then Magnus came and caught her and was his usual sassy self when he was like lmao see you at dinner
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I loved how Cleo was at the end just like I got this, I’m gonna reclaim back my throne and take back what was mine, like I’m the queen of this place.
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ALSO that conversation was seriously ship-worthy!! I can see myself shipping Magnus and Cleo in the future both of them have serious potential to be together especially after that conversation!

This book was seriously a ton of fun and I flew past it! Can’t wait to see how the series turns out :D
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November 10, 2016 –
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9.95% "magnus please find someone else anyone else
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enqi ☁️✨ [joon's] now i really want to read this! haha

message 2: by prag ♻ (new) - added it

prag ♻ I think you've finally convinced me to start this series. Great review!

message 3: by Dia (new)

Dia I want this now!! Great review :)

sreeja (hiatus) Maddie wrote: "Absolutely amazing review Sreeja xx"

thank you so much maddie :))

sreeja (hiatus) Enqi ✧ wrote: "now i really want to read this! haha"

you should definitely read this!! im sure you will like it :)

sreeja (hiatus) Pragya wrote: "I think you've finally convinced me to start this series. Great review!"
Thanks pragya :D im super excited for you to read this it was such a fun book

sreeja (hiatus) Angel ❤️ BookHearts Forever ❤️ wrote: "I want this now!! Great review :)"

hehe thanks!! hope you like the book as much as i did :)

message 8: by Petrik (new)

Petrik great review Sreeja! :D

sreeja (hiatus) Petrik wrote: "great review Sreeja! :D"
thanks petrik :D

Helen 2.0 I wish I could save this review somewhere because it's a great recap! I'll reread this before (if?) I start the second book.


sreeja (hiatus) Helen 2.0 wrote: "I wish I could save this review somewhere because it's a great recap! I'll reread this before (if?) I start the second book."
Omg thanks Helen! hope you start the second book :)

sreeja (hiatus) Maggie wrote: "IM SO GLAD YOU ENJOYED THIS!!"
THANKS :D im so glad i liked it too

SyaSya Syed Nasir Hey, I'm shipping Cleo and Magnus as well! I really hoped they will fall in love with each other.

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