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One Piece, Volume 01 by Eiichirō Oda
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Feb 24, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: comics-manga

Note, this is a review of the entire series and not just this one volume. For those interested in only the volume, it starts off good enough but it gets better as it moves along.

Wow. While something that doesn't quite pick up until you get to a certain point, this series is an amazing read (at least up to the point where I'm at) that is highly recommended to anyone and everyone.

The main characters don't really change, but are deep enough to compensate. All the cast is entertaining (though no accounting for personal preference) and can realistically change from being humorous to dramatic. The heroes are likeable, all the villains are horrible creatures (which just makes it all the more satisfying when they're beaten to a pulp), and the side characters are interesting enough to read about.

There isn't really an overarching plot per say (as far as I can tell), but instead there are plot arcs that sometimes intertwine. The arcs all do their job in entertaining and are all wonderful, but the format allows a reader to easily stop if they get bored with it.

Content-wise, there is a decent amount of blood drawn, but it didn't really disturb me or anything. This isn't super violent stuff.

There is occasional nudity (hot spring scenes), but nothing is shown. If need be these scenes can be skipped if the reader chooses so.

Surprisingly I haven't spotted any swearing from what I've read. I might have missed some, and there might be some in the future, but I remain pleasantly surprised.

The Good: Enjoyable characters, plot, humor, etc.
The Bad: Some might not care for the art style (I personally like it), might seem never ending.

Verdict: If you have the time, READ IT!

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