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Feb 24, 2011

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bookshelves: predictable-read, self-discovery, mortifying-situations, confused-protagonist, misled-child, bitchy-friend-you-ll-hate, steer-clear
Recommended to Halinor Everdeen by: A pile of books, that were buckling under the weight of this particular novel...
Recommended for: People who need a spirit lift (Spirosuction! :D)

I found this read when I was shuffling through a shoulder high stack of books at my city's book fair. I seemed fairly satisfied with the basic storyline embossed on the back in glossy black writing, that was gathered within alluring, colorful and disturbingly pleasant pictures. (Disturbing because it was mostly pictures of candy, tongues and braces if I recall correctly, oh! And not to mention abnormally size-able feet...)
The story basically revolves around this young girl (really can't bother to go hunt down the book, or prod myself into remembering her name...)who has a terribly ego-centric friend, who she ABSOLUTELY adores!! It's a story that is probably at the epitome of BOOKS THAT ARE TERRIBLY ONE-SIDED (BTATOS... I should add a listopia on this, where do I get this stuff from?)
I say this and antagonize the book, because it's so terribly misdirecting! Suppose you were to have big feet and did read it, you'd be humiliated by some of the responses and prejudice the students who meet Miss. Protagonist revel in! It also swells certain fantastical (allegedly popular) people's vanity potency and leaves you wondering where you're left in this world if you don't have people groveling at your toes...
Miss. Protagonist has freakishly over-sized feet, (ones that I grew to adore... strange, but considerable because it's just like large font...It screams for attention rather than meekly or flirtatiously hollering for it!)a comical condition she's always admonished for... piteous and detestable really! But here's the catch, it's her first day of middle school , and she's pried apart from her delicious (perfectly pompous, and rancid)best friend... therefore she's all panicky, she's a self- critical, or rather self-decrepit character that would rather pee in her large Chucks than be introduced to the intrinsic courtship rituals of pre-teens... Then she meets Mike (???I blame my faulty memory, honestly I had nothing to do with it!)who brings out a timid, bashful side of her and leaves her in a dizzying fit of giggles every time she meets him... The problem? He's painfully dashing and soon (despite Miss. Protagonist's best efforts) finds the bitchy best friend yummy, like a choice array of meat. (terribly pungent, dog slobbery meat!)
So where am I getting with all of this? I'm just trying to ask that isn't this the kind of sod they've been feeding us for a while now? An insecure, self-conscious heroine, a scheming, pretentious best friend and one hot-shot they both would eat dirt for... Also somewhere along the way the heroine's eyes open, and she sees her friend for who she is and decides to stop punching Mr. Pillow, and throw a few shots at the friend herself... Believe me... I was just waiting agonizing minute after minute to see when I could actually read the story and not pointedly dictate the forthcoming plot to my oblivious dogs...

To conclude I would like to add, that although this review may not be very informative, or reinforce any faith you had in the fact that it may be good, it tells you that what you're about to read is basically a memory game... One that tests your ability to recall plots you may have encountered in other books... The only thing I did adore was the obvious passion with which the lead character tackled her computer classes and her blog, I also like the admirable relationship between her and her brother... These two elements have been life savers in this book, and have allowed it to veer off the precarious flop-show peak, and enter the land of the passable. (but barely!)Read it if you're an insecure teen who hasn't read about other insecure teens yet...
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Delaney i didn't even finish, Erin seemed to be dull to me. i agree.

Halinor Everdeen Cipriano Biting wrote: "i didn't even finish, Erin seemed to be dull to me. i agree."

Right? She just seems to be spun out of some miserable preteen's sniveling sob stories...

Delaney Halinor Everdeen wrote: "Biting wrote: "i didn't even finish, Erin seemed to be dull to me. i agree."

Right? She just seems to be spun out of some miserable preteen's sniveling sob stories..."

like a sterotypical girl book that everyone thinks is a girl book.

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