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Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen
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Feb 23, 2011

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Once again, Sarah Dessen leaves me totally satisfied. I really love her focus on the main character and their problem, and the subtlety of any romance. It makes the books much more real. I've already checked out another one from the library.

Witnessing Ruby's character development was just awesome. Dessen did such a good job with her. She really was a mess when she first came to Cora and Jamie. She steadily changes into a more responsible person, and even goes so far as wanting to help someone else. Nate sees a kindred spirit in Ruby. He's a nice, friendly guy, sure. But I think what really pulls him in is catching her trying to run away the first night at Cora's. He thinks that she might really be able to understand him, and he might be able to understand her. He's right: they both need help, and they're both pretty unwilling to take it. It's nice to see the roles reverse between the two of them throughout the book.

What's so appealing to me in Dessen's books is that she really focuses on the issue and doesn't complicate things too much with romance. Yes, there's a little romance, but that is not at all what the book is about. It's more about trust and reaching out to those in need. Both Ruby and Nate have to learn to let down the walls they've built. They also both find themselves reaching out to each other, wanting to help. The romance between them only underscores these things. It never determines them, and it is never the central theme. It's much more relatable.

Lock and Key is an inspiring journey through two teens' struggles to unlock the doors to theirs lives and let others in to help.

Rebecca Soler is an American voice actress whose roles include anime, video games, and audiobooks. She did a very good job with this one. Her voices are always recognizable, which makes listening much easier.

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