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Playback by Raymond Chandler
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Feb 09, 2008

liked it
bookshelves: mystery

I have not read many of these old detective books before, and I get a kick out of the language. It is something so commonly made fun of, to hear someone speak in such an over-the-top manner was fun, and kept the book moving quickly. However, for some reason this book would just not stick in my mind, and everytime I picked it up to read more, I had to go back a few pages to get back on track. I think it was because I never really got involved with any of the characters, no one really had any redeeming qualities, and I was unable to relate to them. I also struggled with the limited role that women played in this book. Although the story was centered around a female character, she was pretty annoying. Although she clearly hated the main character, the detective, all it took was for him to grab her real hard and she just fell nakedly into his arms. Twice. Maybe a fun ego-booster for male readers, but for us ladies, pure absurdity. However, if you overlook those few drawbacks, the book was fun and quick to read, with an interesting setting full of lots of detectives who drink too much. A nice way to pass a few hours away.

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