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Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey
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Feb 23, 2011

it was amazing

When I first began, I really wasn't sure what I would think of this book, but I was quite pleasantly surprised! Both of the lead characters, Solange and Lucy, are very memorable, of course so is Solange's brother Nicholas who seems to have a bantering relationship with Lucy that has lasted since childhood. So, what is unique about this story? Well, Solange is the youngest of 8 children, all born of a vampire father and a formerly human mother. The children are born human, but on their 16th birthday they undergo "The Bloodchange" and only if they are strong enough they will survive this change to become vampires. Solange's seven brothers have all survived the change, however, some just barely, and Solange herself is nearing her 16th birthday. The question is not only is she strong enough to survive the change, but will she live long enough to reach her 16th birthday! You see, there was a prophecy centuries ago causing the Drake family to be exiled from courts...a prophecy that has followed Solange since the fateful day of her birth, one she especially does not want fulfilled...and Lucy? Well, she knows the prophecy, but she also knows Solange's family and will do anything to help protect Solange from those determined on killing her prior to her vapmire death at age 16...including a vampire hunter who believes that Solange's family killed his father. Lucy and the Drake family really have their work cut out for them, too! There are vampires are from everywhere. Some want to claim Solange as a mate while others want to kill her. Now that it’s rumored the Drake family has broken a treaty with another clan, there is a bounty on their heads to only add to the tension and excitement!

After reading Hearts At Stake, a book I was initially skeptical about, I realized this is the kind of book you want to call your friends about after you've finished to encourage them to try! It's action packed, light & funny at times, serious or steamy at others. There are two very strong and very different main characters: Solange Drake and my favorite, Lucy, her human best friend.

This action-packed tale is told by both girls. At first, I was not sure how I felt about the switching back and forth from Solange’s point of view to Lucy’s and then back again, but I soon came to realize that it only kept leaving me wanting more! Just as things were getting good for Lucy, I'd be reading about Solange and vise versa. There were times I almost wanted to skip over Solange’s chapters and just to get back to reading Lucy’s, but Solange is too important a character to ignore. To say that I love-love-love Lucy and Nicholas wouldn’t be an exaggeration. During those scenes, I slowed down to savor every word. Bottom line is this is a fantastic beginning to what looks to be an addictive series. I can hardly wait to read Blood Feud next!


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