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Nightshade by Michelle Rowen
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Feb 22, 2011

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I bought this book based off a 2 star review from a blog that I really trust. Now, why would SHB buy a book when a trusted source didn’t care for it…..curiosity my friends. The review was written so well I thought, ‘hey’ I kind of what to know what the reviewer is talking about. To me, this is a sign of a good review – either you think ‘hey no way jose’ or hmmm maybe I should give it the ole college try.

Nightshade is Michelle Rowen’s latest release in what I like to call Urban Fantasy/Romance (I’m making this up, but roll with me here). Jillian is having what is supposed to be an average workday, when she is taken hostage in her work building by some crazy mo-fo in a white lab coat. Injected with an unknown formula, Jill is kidnapped by a one-eyed bastard, Declan, who wouldn’t bat an eye by killing her. Declan isn’t a nice guy, he isn’t your typical hero either. Some of you might even check the blurb to see if this is who Jill is supposed to end up with. I’m not sure if my reading self likes assholes or what, but I was immediately drawn into Declan’s mysterious personality.

His lips thinned. “Jillian?”

I nodded eagerly. “Yes.”

“Shut the fuck up, Jillian.”

Jill isn’t your typical heroine, she’s not outgoing, she doesn’t kick ass and wear leather; she is just your average woman. This is kind of refreshing and to me, she didn’t come off as a whiny-I only- need-a-man-to-help-me-type heroine.

As the story progresses Jill finds out that Declan is a damphyre, half vampire, half human. I liked how the author slowly unraveled their relationship – until Jill finds out what Declan’s is she despises him. She even thinks about killing him when they both are attacked and the woman gives Jill a knife to ‘take care’ of her kidnapper.

I liked how gritty Nightshade was. This is no light contemporary romance; there is violence, vampires, and forced seduction. Now, let’s chit-chat about the whole reason SHB bought this book…forced seduction through mind control. I won’t go into details because this is kind of a spoiler, buuuuuuut let’s just say I didn’t mind this scene at all (quick, somebody call Dr. PHhl). Jill doesn’t want to have anything to do with Matthias, actually up until this point he is a known vampire enemy (the King) and is thought to be a rapist. Let’s just say he almost gets’s to home base with her, but pulls away because he wants her willingly. Yes, I think author could have expanded a bit more on Jill’s recovery from this scene instead of jumping back into the action, but, as a whole, I didn’t mind there was a little forced seduction. Hell, I confess I thought that scene was kind of sexy. I could kind of see how the author used this since he ‘might’ become a potential love interest. I’m guessing here folks this isn’t confirmed.

So, what has SHB learned from all this.

SHB is muy curious

A 2 star review isn’t always a bad thing, actually if written well like the one I read it can lead you to actually buy the frigging book

Although Nightshade isn’t a 5 star read, I was interested in where the story was going and I’ll be buying the second book because curiosity causes Smokinhotbooks to buy more books .

Share with SHB have you ever bought a book based on a negative review?
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Felicia (Ferishia) Yes, I've bought a book that had a 1 star review on AMZ, but who 'really' believe those comments on AMZ? LOL This doesn't necessarily sound like something that interest me, but you have not steered me wrong on books, so Imma add it to my tbr wishlist to check later. :)

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