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Mr. White's Confession by Robert Clark
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Feb 22, 2011

really liked it

This was interesting...mainly delving into the corruption of the police in the 1940s era and it develops a story of murder and intelligence both. I think it's well crafted with a likable victim who has a hidden eloquence despite his limited life experience in many areas. At the same time, it's not the kind of novel that is life changing..just an enjoyable read overall. I especially loved the parts about photography and the protagonist is a very likable can't help feeling sorry for what befalls him. He is gentle, sad and beautiful and throughout time those type of humans have been drastically misused and under-appreciated.

Truly, this novel is about injustice and, though times have changed quite a bit, I'm sure that there are those still mistreated and wrongly imprisoned throughout all of the states in our country...

This is also a work of fiction and yet one can see how it could easily happen during this or any time since.

pg. 23 "I mixed chemicals for the darkroom in the kitchen in order to prepare the last roll I took of Ruby from The Aragon...working with the lights off-or rather with only the red safe light on-is a strange sensation, like what I imagine being deep underwater must be like. And I must say I have imagined that this is what death must be like., or the passage into death, a kind of blind trudge into the dark."

pg 26 "Maybe the future world is wishing for is a rather dangerous time, and that is part of the hollowness one feels."

pg 83 "I always think Sunday's sort of the saddest the world's empty. Like nobody's home."

pg. 323 "Maybe I was only looking at the world. It was just a photograph. But perhaps now in my poverty, in my solitude, perhaps I'm in the world truly, at last. I can feel it in my flesh. I can see it and smell it and I have no other course but to love it."

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