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Gay Until Graduation by Kim Dare
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Ok, that's enough. Even if I try to love theses book because my friend and the others (hello, they are in the best gay BDSM group) tell me that are the best, I can't. I can't pass the fact that this writer do not seems to know the signification of a collard, the act of collared a sub, that domination and submission's much more a mind game than just a physical act, the use and abuse of word like 'the dominant', 'his master' to emphases the role they are in do not help us understand and appreciate the situation but only serve to make it too heavy and became redundant (and demonstrate a weakness in vocabulary).

I admit that maybe I'm a 'purist' and that I probably don't give a real chance to these books. And no I don't think I know everything about it. I really think that this writer have potential but that for now his books are 'fake'. Maybe I had to high expectation or they are not realist, I don't know.

I think I'm going to read the complete collection (borrowed to my friend, thank Mimi) but I'm not going to comment again that's sure, because the thing that I dislike are in all the books and critic the same thing again and again sound too much like trolling. It's not something I want to do.

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