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Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison
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Feb 21, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: foodie

I love this book for two reasons. One, the recipes describe simple ways to make complex and subtle flavors. Think black bean spread with a sniff of smoky chipotle. The simplest lentil soup finished off with a dash of mustard and vinegar. Marjoram-scented tofu salad. Sherry-caramelized bell peppers in a potato/chickpea stew. And two, there is just so much here. I will be exploring this book for the rest of my life, I'm sure; for example, while flipping through it tonight I discovered that I can pulverize sesame seeds with a little salt to make an excellent topping for oatmeal. Who knew! I recommend this to anyone who likes to eat fresh and well, but doesn't want to spend their life in the kitchen. Well, let me expand that: I recommend this book to anyone who eats.

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message 1: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Thanks for the review. Based on your recommendation, I just ordered this book. Viva les vegs!

message 2: by Tracy (new)

Tracy Are there many vegan recipes? I'm back in the mode of buying cookbooks, and this seems like a possibility!

Megan Hi Tracy! Hmm, if you are a cookbook literalist (ie, you follow recipes to a T), then this book may not be for you. Many recipes call for cheese, butter, or eggs. But then again, if you are willing to experiment and substitute, using the recipe more as a set of guidelines, then you should definitely get this book. You know, more and more vegan recipes are popping into my head as I write this. Everything I described in my review is vegan, and I just finished eating a DELICIOUS coconut milk-based cashew curry... maybe check it out from the library, if you're hesitant to commit!

message 4: by Raina (new)

Raina I like this book, too. I have made Deborah's carmelized onions, both with and without the white wine the recipe calls for. They are better with it, but I was out of wine last week and made them without and they were still awesome.
And I have made pizza crust twice now and it was great.
I have to disagree with Megan on one point, though. I think she can take something simple and make it incredibly complicated. I am at work now and I don't have the book with me or I would cite an example. If anyone wants me to, I will. She strikes me as the kind of chef who thinks anything is easy and accessible and sometimes forgets abouts the every day average cook.

message 5: by Nancy (new)

Nancy I just got this book and perused a number of recipes. Looks delicious and easy. It will help me make the transition for our family toward vegetarianism. Feeling full enough and satisfied with quality is important for that, I think this resource will be quite good for it.

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